Published On: Thu, Nov 13th, 2014

Why A 3DTV Will Change Your Life

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The 3D TV Experience: The next dimension in home entertainment

We all want the best television viewing experience possible and manufacturers can now offer this via 3D technology. This innovation means you can enjoy a previously unobtainable sense of depth and picture quality when watching films and 3D broadcasts – all from the comfort of your own home.

If you’re wondering whether go for a 3D TV, remember that prices have reduced recently meaning you can enjoy 2D and 3D viewing for the price of a standard HDTV.



Passive and active 3D

Passive 3D uses the same type of technology that 3D movies use in the cinema, when polarised lenses show different images to each eye. In addition, the screen is coated, so that the light is polarised differently and screens different images to each eye, which the glasses supports.

Active 3D utilises active shutter glasses, which are battery powered and similar to LCD screens. These glasses sync with the television and the viewer receives 1920 × 1080 resolution per eye to achieve that high-res 3D experience.

Is it too early to buy?

The technology is very new, however, around 41 million 3D TVs were sold in 2012. The recent reduction in prices means that the sets are becoming more popular and 3D is now an option when purchasing rather than an alternative. You still need to wear the glasses when viewing but manufacturers are already working on a prototype glasses-free 3D TV.



Achieving the best picture quality

High quality units offer high quality viewing with excellent detail and resolution as well as a superior sense of depth. Lower quality televisions can sometimes bring problems such as double-imagining and grainy, muted colours.

If you’re going for a comparison testing in the store then ask to view a 3D Blu-Ray film to gauge the quality between models before making your purchase.

Viewing content available

Although it hasn’t yet become a major broadcast staple there are plenty of chances to ‘flip the switch’ on your remote and watch in 3D. Although some cable and satellite providers do broadcast in 3D, the majority of your viewing will come from 3D Blu-Ray films. Special events are often broadcast in this format, especially sports, wildlife shows and concerts. If you have this option available through your television you will enjoy a more immersive viewing experience.

It only takes a second to slip on those glasses to fully realise why 3D TVs are better than traditional models, plus the bonus is that 3D is no longer the expensive option it was once. It looks as if 3D movies are going to become even more popular in the future so it won’t be too long before you can view your favourite films in this format at home!

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