Published On: Thu, Nov 27th, 2014

5 Essential Pocket Gadgets for the Frugal Man

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Feeling the pinch? It might seem that walking around with an collection of gadgets would be counterintuitive to saving money, but au contraire; there are some items you can slip into your pocket which could help keep your budget intact.

An e-reader

These nifty little gadgets are the equivalent of carrying a library in your pocket, and one will pay for itself if you’re in the habit of picking up reading material on the commute. The basic Kindle with Wi-Fi and a touchscreen display will only set you back around $80, and eBooks are usually significantly cheaper than their hard versions, not to mention infinitely lighter. There is also a vast range of free titles available to download, so from Sherlock Holmes to Jane Eyre, you can catch up on your classics on the way home from work.

A phone

There has been a significant shift in recent years away from the bells-and-whistles contract deal which can tie you into an expensive, two year commitment. If you only use your phone for making calls and texting, explore the best pay as you go deals available to you, and free yourself from being shackled to one handset. Even if you prefer to keep things simple, the cost of smart phone handsets is dropping, which means the consumer has become empowered with more choice, and less commitment.


Portable charger

1It always seems when you really need your phone, the battery bar begins to turn red and flicker ominous notifications on the home screen. This can be a nightmare if you’re using your phone to navigate, expecting a call or it’s your only source of entertainment on a two hour train journey. Eradicate all such feelings of impending dread with a nifty backup charger. These can be bought in ultra-compact, lipstick-sized format, and can save you the strain of coping without your smartphone.

Travel mug

2Are you sick of dropping fistfuls of dollars every morning on pick-me-ups? Coffee lovers can be spendthrifts too, with the right travel mug to get them to work in the morning. Buy something like a Thermos Thermo café steel mug, or splash out on a flask, and it will pay for itself in about 5 journeys!

Noise cancelling headphones

3There is nothing worse than being trapped in a train carriage with an overly talkative individual who feels they must recount, in detail, their traumatic life experiences at a volume which could shatter bricks. Reclaim the sounds of silence with a pair of noise-cancelling headphones, and arrive at your place of work feeling rested, not wrung-out.

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