Published On: Sat, Oct 4th, 2014

Apple Responds To Public Reaction by Launching a New Album Removal Tool

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On hearing to the public reaction, apple comes up with a new tool to remove the U2 album song from itunes music library that has been complained of being downloaded automatically as a gift without the consent of the users. At the event when apple launched iphone 6, there has been an announcement given by U2 that their 11 track album containing songs of innocence would be delivered free to the itune users. As said, it had also made available to the music libraries of itunes users immediately. Millions of users were seemed to receive the gift ‘songs of innocence’ from U2 album who felt it as annoying. Most of them had even left their words of irritation and apathy on social media platforms as they find it disgusting when something without their approval enters their device.

This issue has been considered serious by apple and soon after the complaint started piling, steps for solving this concern has been geared up. Consequently, the giant firm has launched a tool which could delight all the users who were unhappy about the automatic download of the album. It indicates the firm has responded to the chorus of criticism raised from the users. The tool seems to offer a simple way of permanently remove the songs of innocence with just a single click. By doing so, one could erase the latest U2’s album from both itunes purchase history and the itunes music library. Apple has also created a support website to assist people in the process.

Upon the removal of the album, no more will it show up on the purchases tab. Thus, when a user would like to re-download it to have another listen, he or she would need to perform the process of regular album purchase again. The album will be made available to the users for free till 13th October, 2014 and after that it will be available for sale. The fact that the company had come this far to launch a removal tool roughly puts the U2s new album as aggressive or malware antivirus software, but there has been an end to complaining at least. Apple’s act on publishing this tool received a great appreciation from the users.

If you wish for accessing this tool, go through the following instructions given below,

  • Visit
  • On making sure about removing the album permanently from your account, click at the remove album
  • You can sign in using the apple ID as well as password to purchase from itunes store
  • You will be delivered a confirmation message upon the removal of album from your account.

If you have downloaded the songs on your PC or Mac or to the music applications on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, you will have to make manual deletion. If you obtained the album for free on tapping or clicking free from the itunes store and you make sure you need to remove it, the album will be unseen from your purchase list.

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