Published On: Thu, Jan 9th, 2014

Artificial Intelligence, the technology and of generations to follow.

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Artificial Intelligence: Artificial Intelligence or AI started with the idea of machine behaving in a witty was as humans. In sci-fi stories and dramas we observed such intelligent machines which were like androids possessing their own wit. From fiction to reality, AI is paving its own way. These days we can find the preliminary stages of AI in the form of chatbots which chat with you like a natural person, smart phones, with smart applications and to some extent intelligently programmed robots of different shapes which may surgically operate a human organ, and the likes.

AI Research: It was in the year 1956 when AI research discipline was founded. Since the 1940s some scholars of the fields of mathematics, engineering, psychology and political science and economics started pondering over the idea of an artificial brain. In modern times it is understood that brain is an electrical neural network that fires pulses. Besides, Alan Turing’s theory of computation explains that computation can be performed digitally hence there arises the possibility of electronic brain.

Gaming Artificial Intelligence: There are several programs written for AI in games like chess. But these programs are based on logical placement of program procedures. Still the time has to come to achieve full-fledged AI.

Imitating Human Thoughts: In the mid 50s some scientists opined that as machines can manipulate numbers so they can do with symbols and manipulation of symbols can be an essence of human thoughts. There has been much work done in the field of AI like logical Reasoning work, Natural Language Processing, etc.

Intelligence Explosion: Intelligence Explosion- Intelligence explosion is a term tossed by some pessimist scientists who believe that there is a possibility of intelligent machines developing more intelligent machines and so on and so forth. But as it applies in economics ‘the Malthusian Theory of Population’ that ‘positive checks’ like famine, riots, natural catastrophe, etc. would operate to control population growth, the same will be the case with AI. Though the processing speed of intelligent machines will be too fast along with high degree of intelligence, but to arrange for the physical requisites will limit this intelligence explosion and the positive checks that operate against population growth would also operate against intelligence explosion thereby leading to slow, steady and peaceful advancement of Artificial Intelligence sustainable by living beings.



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    great! the world’s leading platform for high quality peer-reviewed full-text journals.

  2. Rhett Butler says:

    Artificial Intelligence definitely not gonna happen in 2018, but it might happen in the future.

  3. Aaron Adam says:

    thanks, these basics which include machine learning, probabilistic reasoning, robotics and natural language processing.

  4. Aidan Alex says:

    Artificial Intelligence, sounds like your on the cutting edge of something in 8th grade once.

  5. Alexander Alfie says:

    Artificial intelligence, There is a lot to think about.

  6. Leon Lewis says:

    Regarding Artificial intelligence, We predict within a decade everyone will be surprised.

  7. Abbie Abigail says:

    Yes. Take a look at Artificial intelligence.

    Posing like a excellent and telling us to talk about Technology. Imagination a good enough thing on it’s own.

    Very interesting! This must be why so many Artificial intelligence love the idea.

  8. Alice Georgia says:

    Artificial intelligence makes sense to break the technical barrier and sometimes to make the more intuitive which is easy to understand.