Published On: Mon, Aug 25th, 2014

The Best Application Of The Nanotechnology In The Future

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The Nanotechnology is the supra molecular technology that is operated with the matters such as atoms and molecular scales. The supra molecular are molecules that are composed of more than one molecule. The goal of the nanotechnology is to distinguish the molecules and atoms such as macro scale products, which are also called as molecular nanotechnology. The National Nanotechnology Initiative defines the Nanotech have the particles with 1 to 100 nanometers. The small sized nano technology has many uses and nowadays they are used in many fields of science. The quantum mechanisms are involved in the quantum realm scales for all types of technologies below the threshold size. The research that has a broad range of applications as their main advantage is size, which is measured in nanoscale. The technology is relatively molecular assembly and developing them into newer molecules with varied structure are grouped into developing a new material. Nanotechnologies are the functional systems of engineering the molecular scale. One nanometer, which is the one billionth are otherwise called as 10−9 of one meter. The Nano particles are generally carbon-carbon bond in lengths.

The Application Of The Nano:

Most of the governments around the world are investing billions of dollars in the research as wide potential applications such as in military and industries. As they also have a wide application in the fields like electronics, medicine, many energy production and in biomaterials. The Nanotechnologies also helps in the treatment of wastewater, groundwater and in the surface water which contains metal ions, organic solutes, inorganic solutes and various other microorganisms that are toxic to human health. Many Nanotechnologies are in active research for the use of treatment in water. The water treatment based on the Nanotech has treatments like nanofiltration, reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration membranes. The Nanotechnologies are based on their minute systems which are mostly used in molecular biology, microfabrication, organic chemistry, semiconductor physics and in surface science. The associated applications and researches are equally diverse which are varied from conventional physics.

The Nanotechnology Projects:

Currently the scientific debates on using the nanotechnology for all the application in the future prevails. The global economics and the toxicity in the environment by using this technology are very less when compared to the other technologies The Nanotechnology projects the ability of constructing the atomic molecules for high quality performance products. The smallest life forms such as bacteria. Nowadays the Nanotechnologies are even used in tennis balls and golf balls for flying straighter. In electronic items like MOSFET they are used in small nanowires that are having the longest ~10 NM. Many cars are manufactured using nanomaterials so the stability of the car is maintained. When using this technology they only require less fuel and the usage of lesser metals for manufacture in the future. The Chips based on the Nanotechnology are used in the personal computers and in other electronic system that make the items faster, larger size memory with the reduced size and becomes cheaper. The medical applications that are existing could be cheaper if the Nanotechnology is used for these applications.

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