Published On: Sat, Apr 4th, 2015

Business and IT Technologies: When Progress Saves Money

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Most of us want to spend as little money as possible and still get big returns. However, achieving this is all but impossible. The reality is that in order to make money, you will first have to spend money. Indeed, any good entrepreneur will tell you that this is one of the main rules of success. However, you do have to make sure that you spend money in areas that will give you a high return. One of these areas is IT consultancy, widely offered by companies like You need to make sure that your IT systems are always up to date and that is only possible if you are either an expert in the field yourself, or if you hire an IT consultant. Yes, that can be quite costly, but the returns you will see on that should be incredibly high. Let’s take a look at the advantages of hiring IT consultants, before looking at some examples.

The Advantages of Hiring IT

OnLicoThere are a number of clear advantages to hiring an IT consultant. These include:

  • You will see real results in a very quick time, as you don’t have to train in-house staff.
  • Your productivity will increase because you have the right IT equipment in place.
  • The quality of your capacities and processes will be improved, because unnecessary errors will be avoided.
  • The above also reduces overall costs. Mistakes are expensive both in terms of time and money, as they need to be rectified as soon as possible.
  • New ideas can easily be implemented.

Basically, companies outsource to IT consultants because they want to have the skills in place needed to run an organisation properly in areas that they do not have the expertise in themselves.

Case Studies

One company called OnLico have a very impressive customer database. Some of the names on there may surprise you, as they are directly involved in IT themselves. These names include Apple and Microsoft. However, OnLico also represents Siemens, HP, Cisco and VMWare, all giants within the IT world. This demonstrates exactly what the biggest benefit of hiring an IT consultant is: getting someone in that has the skills you need, without having to change the skills of your own workforce.

Another example is Sigmer, who have had some tremendously impressive clients. This includes the United Nations Human Rights Commission and the Home Office. Other clients they hold include BskyB, S&N UK, Save the Children, the British Film Institute, RNID, Risk Advisory Group: Intrinsic and the BBCPA. These are all companies and organisations that are highly specialized in areas that have very little to do with IT. However, as we live in an increasingly virtual world, they have requirements for better IT processes, websites and more. Additionally, since many of these are global companies, they need a single consultant to be able to connect them all together.

These are just two examples of some world class IT consultants. What pulls them together is that they are able to deliver a service that is truly invaluable. Naturally, they cost a lot of money. However, the service they deliver in terms of innovating technology and communication, and the progress they allow businesses and organisations to make shows such high returns, that it is one of the best investments any company could ever make.

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