Published On: Thu, Jul 17th, 2014

Forget Windows: Midori A New Operating System Is Approaching

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Midori A New Operating SystemWindows is the name which has ruled the entire computer world since its first launch takes place in November 1985. Since then it is considered as the trademark of Microsoft Corporation. Due to several advanced versions of windows found today such as windows vista, windows XP, it is the most frequently used operating system all over the world, Microsoft is planning to launch windows 2007, but now it is the time to experience a new technology of operating systems. Of course, Microsoft is working on the new generating of operating system known as cloud-based operating system and rumors are there that MIDORI seems to be first operating system which will then replace the whole windows from the computer map.


MIDORI is a result of Microsoft research’s miracle operating system. In this the libraries and tools are totally managed by code. MIDORI is developed to run directly on native hardware such as ARM, x86 and x64, and hence will be hosted on windows Hyper-V hypervisor, or yet be hosted by a windows process. MIDORI can also be viewed as MICROSOFT’S solution those competitors who are applying virtualization as a technique to solve problems within modern computing. The prime idea besides MIDORI is to design a lightweight portable operating system that can be matched effortlessly to plenty of varying applications.

For understanding the significance of MIDORI you must think about, how an operating system is loaded on the computer. First of all, operating system is loaded onto a hard disk which is then actually located on the machine. In this manner, the operating system is connected very tightly to the hardware. Since windows are dependent on hardware, it may face opposition from modern ways of working since people are extremely portable in making use of various devices so as to obtain diverse information. Owing to this trend of installing various applications on a specific computer might lead to various compatibility problems whenever the machine need updating. The new operating system will answer these kinds of issues through the innovative concept of virtualizing. This will solve issues like unexpected interactions among various applications, prevalent security vulnerabilities, plug-ins, and failures occurred by errant extensions as well as drives and much more.

The significance of this project for Microsoft can be thoroughly understood by the fact that company select Eric Rudder, the former head of the Microsoft server and tools business as well as a key member of chairman bill gates group of company to handle it in effective manner. Everybody are expecting for its launching time. Readers just wait and see because Microsoft has not announced any such date regarding the launching of MIDORI however there are some rumors that this project is still in incubation phase. You can probably forget windows because MIDORI a new operating system is coming since it provides you plenty of benefits to work easily. It revolutionized the whole computer world and it is all due to the technical development which lead to such a new concept of operating system.

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