Published On: Thu, Feb 9th, 2017

Going For The Aftershokz Bone-Conduction Technology Based Neon Green Headphones

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Nowadays, there is a huge craze to use headphones, don’t you think? And as smartphones have their own in-built music system, therefore; half of the generation and mobile players are currently using vast kinds of headphones. Those days are long gone, when you have to deal with the wired headphones, and plug in with your phone. So, always try to go for the latest kid in the block, which is none other than Titanium open ear wireless headphones.

Available in mesmerizing colors, these headphones are free from wire and known for their bone conduction feature. This is a rather interesting technology, which is hard to find in those conventional headphones. Even though there are multiple color variations, still you might want to deal with the neon green ones.

Go for the technology:

As mentioned already, this headphone comes with bone conduction technology. This mechanism is used for creating mini vibrations, which are likely to send sound through cheekbones. These are further directed to inner ears, which can finally offer you with comfort and awareness, just as you have asked for.

The same product is known for its wireless Bluetooth connectivity. It means, as you are not plugging in any kind of wire to the phone, so you can directly connect it via Bluetooth. So now, you can easily on your Bluetooth of the phone and that of the headset, to connect with each other.

Other ventures to look for:

Apart from he points already mentioned over here, you might want to deal with some of the other options, over here. The Titanium open ear headphoneis used for providing you with premium pitch + services. It helps in delivering dynamic sound and can provide you with some true powerful base. The services are rather going to deal with the best services of all time.

You can even get to enjoy 6 hours of music, along with calls. So, if anyone calls you in the middle of the sound track, you will be able to take it. This product comprises of complete inline controls, which can always act in your favor. And thanks to its titanium frame, the items are available with great flexibility and rather durability quotient, when compared to other items.

Light in weight:

The items are generally quite light in weight. So, even if you are planning to go for a jogging and using this item, you will not feel any kind of heavy service. It can always deliver premium quality music play, along with crystal clear calling. And the best part is that you do not even have to compromise on the service.

The items are considered sweat proof and even secure. So, even though you are wearing headphones, still you will be able to hear, what the surrounding has to offer you with. You can enjoy calls and music on single charge, which is rather interesting. And the Aftershokz bone-conduction technology will help you to get the best musical notes and vibrations, you have generally asked for. The services are rather interesting and best suited for you.

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