Published On: Wed, Feb 12th, 2014

Gravity Powered Aircraft not defying gravity

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We have been experiencing shortage of fuel which is necessary to run any device or machine. Without fuel modern life would come to rest but as the fuel available on earth is scarce and is consistently depleting we need to find alternatives in order to survive using the same facilities and enjoying the same comforts.  There has been a breakthrough in the field of aviation with the evolution of the concept of gravity powered aircrafts. Robert D. hunt has designed such an air plane which is a new hybrid airplane with fixed wings, ridged skin and made up of light weight and modern composite materials. This new technology model utilizes both the forces of gravity i.e. the upward force of buoyancy and the downward pull of gravity acceleration, to that it can ascend up to the sky by making use of gas such as helium and then glide back to the earth’s surface utilizing the earth’s gravitational pull. Prior to moving to the glider mode the aircraft must be made heavier than air from being lighter than air. This change in weight can be brought about by drawing in and compressing air from the surrounding atmosphere.

How gravity powered plane works

The gravity powered aircraft operates in the cycle of rising and falling or gliding, which is dependent upon high pressure compressed air for changing between the two modes so it must always have a minimum supply in its tanks. In its initial start it will require an injection of high pressure compressed air from an outside source or it may be able to utilize its own high pressure air as it rests on the ground in case the wind is sufficient to drive its wind turbines. In comparison to the fuel based planes, the conventional planes use air for two significant purposes i.e. aerodynamic lift and forward thrust while the gravity based air plane utilizes air for four significant flight elements i.e. aerodynamic lift, on board power, aerostatic lift and ballast.

Commercialization of gravity planes

The gravity plane is still in its testing phase and prototypes are being prepared and we are waiting for the time to come to see its commercial use. However, the technology seems to be quiet promising and we are hoping for a very good future in aviation as far as ease of flying and cost is concerned as most of the flying cost is occurred on fuel for flights.

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