Published On: Tue, Jul 22nd, 2014

GT Racing 2- An Innovative Android App for Your Mobile

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GT Racing 2

Gameloft has released a sequel known as GT Racing 2 many years after the initiation of its original name. Being one of the best android apps, this game is free to play just like its original version. This game involves tracks, cars, visuals, sounds and many more providing a lot of fun during your game-play. This game features racing on the track rather than on the streets. Apart from that it also makes use of vehicle dynamics and realistic physics together with vehicle tuning options. All these features help you to avail a realistic game-play experience. However, there is no better option for tuning the performance of the vehicle for upgrading it but you can enjoy its ultimate performance of driving the vehicle for almost 200mph.

Best for Casual Racer:

Even though GT Racing 2 is a great for those people who are aware of car driving, it would be difficult to manage for the casual gamers. They also need to invest some extra effort to make their car to go along the road straightly. As this game include a line between a serious racer and a casual racer, it would be easier for the casual gamers to go a little depth more to enjoy average arcade racing game. There is a huge variety of cars and tracks in this game to choose from. During the game play, you will be starting from humble beginnings. With the increase in the levels, the game makes you to work hard to get expensive cars. With the progress in the levels, you will be able to earn more money and by using this money, you will afford to expensive cars.

Features about GT Racing Game:

GT Racing 2 has an umpteen number of tracks as well as four weather settings and thus the things do not seem repetitive. Being a free game, there are an in app payment feature which is built into the game to let your purchase the currency to purchase the cars. The visual features of GT Racing are really awesome. The car looks too great and even the tracks are effectually designed and the camera view of the helmet is also pretty awesome. The game also has gran turismo inspired laps where usually the car moves all through the track before and after the race. It can be used both on iOS and Android enabled devices.

Overall Verdict:

When it comes to sound effect, it is simply amazing but not that much as visual effect. Braking sounds and wheel spin noise are done perfectly. The background music is really amazing and helps in providing an interesting game play session. Even though it is a free game, every feature is carefully chosen and incorporated turning out to be completely enjoyable. Though it is not quite a true racer game, GT Racing 2 manages to provide adventurous feel without being complicated and simplistic. If you are really interested in something above your usual top arcade racer game, GT Racing 2 will definitely cater to your needs.

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