Published On: Sun, Dec 11th, 2016

Impact Of Technology On Fashion Industry

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Technology is one thing which is peeping in every industry and because of technical innovations new things come into being. Like a few days ago we saw leading denim brand Levi’s launch a product which is made up of cotton and plastic bottles which is a waste product. It’s an eco-friendly initiative taken by a revived brand and it is all possible with the use of technology.  Let’s see what new technical innovations have emerged in the fashion industry and what would be their impact.

Social Fashion

Retailer of a Brazil C&A has innovated a theme known as Fashion Like. It helps the consumer to make a decision while buying a piece of garment. Whenever someone gives a like to an item on the website of C&A, that ‘like’ gets added on to the clothing line  and it is displayed on the hanger (which has an inbuilt screen on it) in the store in which it is being kept. In this way the buyer can then decide whether he/she wants to buy most popular clothes which have received the highest number of likes or the one which have got a lesser number of likes. It simply depicts the mass interest in the related product.

Wearable Tech

Wearable tech as the name suggests, refers to a piece of technology that can be worn on your body which includes smart glasses, smart watches, and bracelets. They inform you about your metabolic activities as the number of steps you take, including your body temperature and pulse rate. We witnessed Google glass, Apple smart watch and they are all the examples of wearable technology.

Smart Jewelry

Jewelry companies too are not left behind and they are continuously making tech-inspired wearables like necklaces with enabled Bluetooth which tends to light up, whenever you get a call or text. One company is developing a two-way communication device for women, which is enabled to send alerts to their loved ones whenever they are in danger.

Virtual Fitting Rooms

Many consumers are reluctant to buying clothing from the online stores due to the issue of size. But now, virtual fitting rooms bearing your vital stats have come into the scene. Leading brand EBay has already adopted this technology and they have witnessed increased sales over the same.

So, dear friends, that was all from my side and I promise to come back again very soon with a brand new blog on techno and its effects on our daily life. Till then, be tech savvy and stay curious.

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