Published On: Wed, Feb 15th, 2017

Introducing The Finest Ultra-Light Solar Charger For Hiking And Camping

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Those days are long gone, when you have to carry your charger everywhere you go. You need to check out the other substitutes, which will help you to get your phone charged, without carrying those chargers. You now have the right to keep the devices all juiced up, in those areas, where it is hard to get a plug point. All you have to do is just use the ultra-light solar charger with you. It is not just light in weight but very thin, so that it can slide in a small portion of your bag.

Powerful option for you:

The Kickr 4 6W Ultra-light Solar Charger is not just used for charging your smartphone, but can further be used for charging your electronic tablets and other portable devices. It comprises of four different black panels, along with a charging port at one end of the long and thin sheet. The items are quite powerful, and are perfect blend of power and size. It comprises of 6 watt true output, which is used for charging the USB devices, just in the same manner like the wall outlet.

Other features to look into:

Before you proceed further to work with the solar charger, you might want to check out the features, it holds. That will help you to know, whether you are going to invest money for the charger or not. The item is not just considered to be powerful, but also light in weight. It follows the solar on plastic technicality, which makes the entire unit quite light in weight. Furthermore, it is also termed to be quite flexible in nature.

The entire item is not going to weight more than 0.6lbs, which is lighter than what you have imaged so far. So, whether you are planning to go for hiking or camping, here you cannot carry heavy weight charger, this solar sheet is just perfect. And you might not get the ports for charging your phone, while you are on a trip. But now you can with the help of this solar channel. You do not need any extra charging port, over here.

Water resistant and more:

Well, you will be amazed to know that these ultra-thin chargers are water resistant in nature. And these are primarily designed for surviving some of the difficult scenarios and harshest conditions.  The item can easily be used for withstanding shocks, minor punctures and even drops. So, you can always choose to get the best services, with the help of this package for sure.

Best procured from reputed online stores

This item is manufactured using all sorts of modernized equipment and tool. And you are always going to receive the best one from the reputed online stores. And if you can hurry up a little bit, then you might end up with discounted rates on some of the chosen ultra-thin solar charging models. It has also been awarded as one of the leading solar products, which ever came across around here. The services are hard for you to miss, especially, once you have used it.

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