Published On: Sat, Jan 14th, 2017

Introducing The All-New Wireless Charging Pad For Your Smartphones

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Carrying a smartphone has become a necessity, these days. Now, you will hardly find it difficult to come across any service, like listening to music to catching up a movie, with this phone. But, with as many applications in your phone, you have to work on the charging panel, as well. If your smartphone comprises of any apps, then it is inevitable for the phone to draw more power. And with the help of wireless charging pad, now you can easily charge your phone like never before.

Those days are long gone, when you have to invest money on a charger, and had to look for charging point to place it. It was messy, and if you are on a trip, you might not always be lucky to get a charging point. It is during such instances, when this wireless pad comes into action.

Going for its features

You will be just blown away with the magical features, this wireless charging panel has in store for you. It is nothing less than a stylish accessory and can be used for charging your compatible smartphones. As this device is from Samsung, therefore; it is best suited for charging your Galaxy models.

  • Not just on the Galaxy models, but this wireless charging panel can also be used for charging other Qi-compatible devices. And the best part is that you are free from any USB port, wire or wall charger.
  • The item is quite small and sleek. Therefore, it can easily fit into your backpack, without worries. It is light in weight and portable enough to be carried with you, anywhere.
  • This charging pad mainly utilizes Qi intuitive technology. It eliminates the present need to attach any charging cable, any time you want for charging device.

Other values to work on

Another interesting feature of this charging pad is that you have the liberty to use your device, while it is charging. Your phone remains always active, and you get to use it whenever you want to. So, if you are willing to answer your call, or call someone from your side, while the phone is still charging, you can do that.

A pack comprises of the main wireless charging pad, along with 2A wall charger and user manual. Furthermore, you can even receive a warranty card, which is valid for 1 year.

Led indicator and more to come

This wireless charger is one out of million. There are so many interesting forms of added features available, which make this device just awesome. You have LED indicator, and comes with horizontal pad. Furthermore, this pack even comprises of 2A wall charger, which is hard to find in any other type of charger.

When it comes to look this wireless charger will score 10 out of 10. It is easily compatible with the Galaxy series and other models, too. So, this charger is mostly your one-stop solution to save your phone from dead battery, especially when you don’t have any plug point. Just make sure to recharge the pad first, and you are free to use it later.

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