Published On: Sat, Sep 17th, 2016

Latest News on Microsoft Office 365

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With enhanced connectivity and multi-platform support, Office 365 can appease all kinds of users. There are great prospects for various sizes of businesses through the utilization of advanced features. The latest updates from Microsoft reinforce its commitment to offer great privacy, security and enhanced controls. Service Assurance Dashboard is the latest update released by Microsoft to emphasize its concern for businesses to offer Microsoft Office 365 as the best online productivity suite.

Implications of Dashboard 

With the introduction of the Service Assurance Dashboard, there will be changes in various fronts which include the following:

  • Privacy
  • Security
  • Compliance controls

There are controls owned by you as well as implemented by Microsoft. You can take advantage of actionable implementation plans for controls that are initiated by you. By going through the relevant features, it is possible to exercise controls very efficiently. You will be able to manage risks as well in this context.

The latest update will help customers to understand various security measures implemented by Microsoft. With enhanced transparency, users will be able to deal with data with great control. Users will be able to comply with various regulatory standards. The new features on Service Assurance Dashboard are listed below:

  • Audited Controls
  • SOC and ISO audit report across the Microsoft cloud stack
  • Customer Security Considerations Workbook 

Quick reaction 

It is possible to react very quickly to the new data and informationby depending on Office 365 and Windows 10. Thus, it facilitates real-time collaboration through which quick decisions can be taken in an effortless manner.

Through the online immersion sessions, compliance can be maintained and there will not be any inhibition of workflow. The work will be secured in a very efficient manner. Users can capture, review and share notes from anywhere without any issues. The sharing of documents in real-time and collaboration will be facilitated very efficiently.

The barriers between different departments are broken with the usage of social tools. Thus, you can find answers from experts very easily. Complex data can be visualized very quickly and the data can be analyzed quickly so that right decisions can be taken by the management. There is not a restriction on the access to the document even though it is being edited by other collaborators. You will go through the time-saving skills by customizing various features as per your needs.

There will be faster business and reduced costs by implementing the latest features of Office 365. The Microsoft would like to project Office suite as the simple and cost-effective way to get access to Office 2013 features. New changes will certainly enhance the productivity of small as well as large businesses. As per the newest update, users can take advantage of new administrative interface, new SharePoint& Exchange online features, app model for Outlook add-ons and simple & cost-effective plans.

As per the latest upgrade, Microsoft Office 365, Windows 10 Enterprise and Enterprise Mobility plus Security suite are bundled together to deliver users more power and control. Small businesses can take advantage of free collaboration tool, Skype Meetings.

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