Published On: Tue, Feb 7th, 2017

Minimalistic Credit Card Phone For Those Who Don’t Want To Intertwined With Smartphones

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Now, it is time for you to venture into the world of modern technologies, and some promising outlooks, which will change your notion towards technology, completely. With the help of the minimalistic credit card phone, you will be able to unplug from modern world, without staying disconnected, at all. Other than texting and calling, this product comprises of all the other features, which are rather stripped off. Now, you do not have to spend must time on your phone, and can otherwise focus on your real world, instead.

More about the phone:

This item is practically defined as Tiny Fashion GSM phone, which is without camera. This is for kids and seniors, and even for some outdoor travellers, who do not always have time to take smartphones out from their pockets and use those items. It is no doubt a money saver item. This is a standalone phone, which comprises of micro SIM card. It helps in saving the cross border fee for roaming.

Smaller in size:

Another interesting feature about this phone is that it is as small as your wallet and thin, too. So, it can easily fit within your wallet in the most promising manner, without any heavy weight. The standalone phone is light in weight, so that it prevents any heavy weightage feel. And the best part is that it can fit just within the wallet’s space, and do not need any extra space. It is sleek and even slim card sized. It comprises of 1.1 inch of screen, and the thickness is just 0.23 inches.

Well functions and other features:

There are so many other features, which you might want to look into, while dealing with the best wallet phones. The items are designed to function perfectly. It can be used for synchronizing contacts well from your chosen call center, smartphone or even from the messaging sector. Furthermore, as mentioned earlier, this product comprises of some other features to it, like settings, file manager, profile changes and even recording.

In case, you are looking for some high performance deal, then this phone is the best one for you to choose.It can offer you with a stable signal along with premium sound quality of all time. You can also come in terms with the smart magnetic charging, which can act in your favor.

Furthermore, the phone is also known for its lasting battery life. It comprises of 220 mAh batter, along with 3 days of standby service. So, if you are up in trekking and cannot find a place to charge up your phone, you do not have to worry further with this phone, near your hand.

Best gift for others:

This phone is likely to be the perfect gift for your little kids or even for seniors. In case, you do not want to use Smartphone, this slim card phone can prove to be the ultimate choice for you. And the best part is that the items are not even going to cost you more than few pennies. So anyone, even with a tight budget, can procure this item.

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