Published On: Wed, Mar 1st, 2017

Nokia Has Launched Its Smartphones Globally Under Three Different Series

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Even though after going through some severe downfall, Nokia is back in business. And it has successfully launched some of its new models, and even re-launched some old ones. Nokia 5, Nokia 3 and Nokia 3310 are three of the major models, which have been launched on a global platform. Each phone has its own sets of specifications, and is all set to fight against some of the best marketing giants like Samsung, Apple and more. Nokia 3 and 5 are the two new additions, and 3310 is the iconic model, which has been re-launched after much waiting.

Check out the phones:

In this group, you have Nokia 6. It is available in the Arte black edition, and is associated with the other smartphones. All these above-mentioned models have been shipped with the latest android Nougat. And these phones are going to provide users with the simplest and purest form of Android usage. And in another news flash, it has been stated that Google AI is about to come in the scene with multiple Android phones, and that include the Nokia phones, as well.

Multiple segments of smartphone uses:

These Nokia models are designed to target multiple smartphone groups. And for manufacturing these Nokia models, HMD has joined hand with Foxconn. At this point, Nokia 6 is high in demand with the finest high-end variants of all time. These smartphone are designed to provide you with a natural feel, along with a simple look. And these phones comprise of laminated form of display stack.

More on Nokia 3:

Once you are through with Nokia 6, it is time to gain some information on the much awaited version, Nokia 3. This smartphone comprises of a smart 5 inch HD display, along with a front camera of 8 MP. It is going to be associated with machined form of uni-frame, constructed using aluminum. And it is associated with Corning Gorilla Glass lamination. That helps in providing you with further protection. This phone is available in matte black, silver white, copper white and tempered blue.

This phone comprises of 1280 x 720 resolution with Android 7 Nougat. It has a 2 GM RAM with a CPU of MediaTek quad core processor of 6737. The internal storage is 16GM and with a battery of 2650 mAh. Both the rear and front camera has 8 MP values, which makes it a great choice among users.

Nokia 5 and its specifications:

Nokia 5 comprises of 5.2 inches screen with IPS display. And if you want to spend some higher price, then you can always opt for the Nokia 6 Arc black display. This phone has a dimension of 149.7 x 72.5 x 8.05mm and even follows the same latest Android 7 nougat. It has a CPU of Snapdragon 430 with a storage value of 16 GB. The battery value is great of around 3000 mAh and with a rear camera of 13 MP. The front camera is of 8 MP, which is similar to the Nokia 3 model. Just check out the specifications first, before procuring a best response.

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