Published On: Sat, Feb 18th, 2017

Nubia Came Up With Panic Buttons For Enhancing User Safety

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Nowadays, modern technology is adding more security in your lives, especially that of a woman. Smartphones are ravishing the entire world these days, and it’s time to add some security means through this modern technology. Keeping this point in mind, Nubia, the Chinese smartphone maker came across with safety software.

This software comprises of a power button, which is also likely to function more like a panic button for the user. So, if anyone is in trouble, especially women during dark nights, a click on this panic button will save him or her life. This method has already been thought about many times, but hasn’t been implemented till date. But now, it is out in the market, and has been taken well by the entire community.

Adding users with the helpline:

Using this software is quite promising, and even easily handled. You do not have to be a technical pro, just to use this software in your favor. All you have to do is press this power button thrice, whenever you see trouble approaching near you. Once you have done that, the users will be directly connected to the helpline. And with the help of the smartphone’s GPS system, the authorities of the helpline desk will be able to track the person’s location.

This point is enough to mention that the smartphone must have its in-built GPS system, just to make this project work. It is rather a common feature of majority of smartphone these days. Therefore, this software is not restricted for any particular model from Nubia.

Betterment of life:

The main function of the manufacturing department is to come across a technology, which can help users out during their dreadful services. Their primary aim is to come across technology, which will easily help in making lives better. And that can be easily done by addressing some new technology and security services within an individual.

And the best part is that this feature is available across multiple Nubia series, which even include the N1 and Z11 sections. And all the Nubia phones, which are launching in multiple countries, will have this feature in-built. So, the users do not have to download the software from any particular session.

For the existing Nubia users:

The software will be in-built in all the modern phones from the Nubia house. And the best part is that the existing Nubia customers can even upgrade their phones by downloading the software from a particular link. For that, they just need to visit the official website of this phone’s company, which is at And it will hardly take few minutes to download this software and keep the phone updated, as a safety weapon.

Self-protection for women:

The main target of this manufacturing unit is to add self-protection for women through their smartphones. No matter whatever they forget, they will never forget to keep the phones nearby their hands. And with three simple clicks on the software, it will start working proficiently. In case, the users want to take help of other services from police, fire department or hospitals, then the emergency number 112 is also enlisted within the smartphone headset.

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