Published On: Wed, Dec 28th, 2016

Proud Introduction Of Latest osCommerce Online Merchant V2.3.4

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After much anticipation and wait, finally, osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3.4 came into being. This release comes handy with various new content modules and their said features. It can even secure the same Administration tool, in case the SSL is enabled. This sometimes uses updated and new forms of payment modules.

Working with the same modules

Among so many latest features incorporated, content modules top the chart. It helps in building and loading the page’s content through some selective modules. Some additional pages have been updated, such as Login, My Account, and even the Checkout Success page. These pages have been updated for utilizing the said content modules. So, now you have the liberty to manipulate and customize through these said modules, and without getting to edit the same source code files.

Apart from the pages mentioned above, other pages are about to be utilized too for basic content modules. For that, you have to wait for the next release. The service might further improve with your said feedback and help.

Promising use of PayPal

The very first content module to be ever introduced is log-in with PayPal, the online payment gateway. It can be easily added to the said Login page. This will further help the customers to authenticate services through PayPal. And for that, you do not have to create any kind of local store account.

Logging in with PayPal helps in supporting a seamless checkout experience with current Paypal Express checkout. Here, the customers do not have to log in while purchasing Express Checkout flow. Furthermore, the administration tool is currently loaded in HTTPS, in case; your store has SSL enabled.

Working on the payment modules

For online businesses, you need to be aware of the payment modules. If you fail to do so, then covering a healthy business transaction seems impossible. So, various payment gateways have already been utilized for enriching the mode with latest payment APIs. Each API has been verified through CA certificates from the public.

There are certain payment methods, which have been updated for supporting stored card token. Here, the customers have liberty to store card payment information at payment gateway. They even have the right to refer their cards for some later purchases. For that, they do not have to re-provide the card information further. These segments comprise of Stripe, Sage pay Direct and even Braintee.

Following some general updates

The latest v2.3.4 has some general updates to it. Now, orders can be easily blocked if there is no definite shipping rate mentioned for destination. Certain improvements are likely to take help in session management. Furthermore, the development team has recently introduced Payment Acceptance Box, which comes with loads of interesting features.

The updated osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3.4 comprises of jQuery libraries of the modernized world. In case, you want to fix minor bugs automatically and want to go for some finest improvements, this latest version from osCommerce online merchant can be of great help. However, make sure to log online and download the entire package from there. That can be of great help, these days.

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