Published On: Fri, Jan 31st, 2014


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What is electric driving? Electric driving is cost affective driving alternative to gasoline or oil driving. This type of driving is cost saving, environment friendly and is the future mode accepted by the drivers.

People have to commute from one place to another as for human beings mobility is very necessary and binding owing to their lifestyles and necessities. Reportedly, earth has oil reserve for a maximum of 26 years. After this oil gets exhausted humans have to look for alternative to this oil which can sustain them in all the fields and so is the case with driving. There are several types of vehicles coming up on roads. Most of them are oil driven, however the latest trend that has caught up is electric driving.

What is electric driving?

Electric driving is driving by the use of electric vehicles (EVs). These electric vehicles are propelled by electric motors which are powered by rechargeable battery packs. Electric vehicles are more advantageous than the conventional oil driven vehicles, like, they are energy efficient, environment friendly, cheap maintenance, etc.

Background of Mahindra REVA

One of the significant players in the electric car market is Mahindra REVA Electric Vehicles Pvt. Ltd. which manufactures Mahindra REVA cars. Initially, this car was launched in India at Bangalore in 2001 and later the same car was launched in London by the name G-Wiz in 2004 by a joint venture before it  was taken over  by Mahindra Group. Currently Mahindra is said to have one of the largest fleets of electric cars in the global market.

REVA Concept

The Mahindra REVA company claims to consistently seeking solutions to the issues like the type of products, fuel efficiency, vehicle intelligence, process of manufacture. They call it a step towards ‘future of mobility’.

Features of Mahindra REVA

There are several features of Mahindra REVA quiet common to any electric car like zero air pollution, low noise, good infrastructure, better safety, low lifecycle cost, excellent economic resources sustainability. Mahindra REVA is generally for urban use and has significantly lower running costs.

Driving Mahindra REVA is claimed to be 91% cheaper than gasoline driving.  Some of its important features are:

On Board Energy Consumption: 100Wh/Km

Charging Efficiency: 90%

Electricity Consumption: 111Wh/Km

Electricity cost: 4/kWh

Mahindra REVA Cost

Mahindra REVA is a cost effective car. Its cost ranges between INR 769000 to 806000 (ex-showroom).

Comparision with IC Engines

  1. Real-world emissions of IC engines are high while EVs are always zero-emissions.
  2. Deterioration of engine, catalyst convertor, over time with IC engines.
  3. There is poor maintenance and fuel adulteration possibility with IC engines usage.
  4. Frequent pausing the vehicles cause higher emissions in IC vehicles
  5. Electric Vehicles recapture energy via regenerative braking.

Mahindra REVA has all the benefits to count and definitely is advantageous over oil driven cars. However, its use is limited to urban area only and cannot travel very long distances. Besides still people are sceptic over the claims of the Mahindra REVA so its pragmatic value is still under assessment which hopefully will turn out to be enormous.

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