Published On: Mon, Aug 4th, 2014


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The trend is changing rapidly when wristwatches came to fashion from pocket watch and now smart watches are IN coming from the line of Smartphone. Earlier you had to take the phone out of your pocket to see time, receive calls and do anything now smart watches are making it a way easier for you. A lot of features are being enabled on them so actually you do not need your phone in your hands all the time. The competition in this industry is getting hectic and almost every smart phone maker is launching a smart watch as they do not wish to be lagging behind in capturing the market and impressing the customer. Smart watch is the latest entry in the gadget market and creating a lot of noise. Let us explore the top in the league.

Pebble Smartwatch – $184.95

Well the Pebble Smart watch is indeed topping the charts when it comes to Smart watch market. It has already created a buzz in the smart watch market much before its launch and now what should we call it as the Pebble’s creators vision, experience, and most importantly effective and planned marketing. Pebble has taken over the market in a big manner single-handedly while the market seems to get growing.

Pros: It is waterproof, runs a ton of apps, and supports both iOS and Android phones. A new app store improves the whole experience.

Cons: Lacks touch screen, doesn’t allows multi-tasking doesn’t looks much appealing as its Pebble steel which is more impressive.

Verdict: With major software update and new app store, the original pebble is good value for money than its newer Pebble steel.

Samsung Gear 2 Neo – $194.89

Samsung worked smart and launched Gear2 Neo with a plenty of features with a reasonable price tag to capture the market.

Pro: comes with a more attractive price, looks identical to more expensive Gear2, a lot of apps, offline music playback and heart rate monitoring.

Cons: A lot of extra features do not work smoothly even the fitness features needs a lot of more revamping. It works with only Samsung phones and tablets.

Verdict: The gear 2 Neo offers the best balance of features and price among Samsung’s 3 Smartphone models but still needs to be worked on.

Sony Smartwatch 2 – $138.50

This is Sony’s second smart watch to be in the top league of smart watches and impress its customers and tech fan followers.

Pros: Sony Smart watch 2 screens phone alerts, Gmail and real time call info and is water-resistant. It is compatible with different watch bands.

Cons: This watch is a struggle to set up on non-Sony phones and no iOS support. Music player is not that impressive as well as a short battery life.

Verdict: With android support it is still a better buy than many other brands.

LG G watch – $229.99

LG too has been a strong competitor in the smart watch segment and has come up with a smart version LG G watch with great features.

Pros: LG G watch has impressive voice recognition, android phone connectivity, solid build quality and it is water and dust resistant. It includes a magnetic charger which is easy to use.

Cons: It has a generic design, battery life is terrible, display is not poor in bright sunlight, no heart rate monitor, card based notification doesn’t offers info all the times.

Verdict: A good attempt by LG in this segment but need to work a lot on the products design, battery life and its features.

Withings Pulse O2 – $119.99

This is a product for complete sports and health freak people which can check your heart rate as well as checks blood oxygen.

Pros: Withings Pulse O2 comes with excellent pedometer, great app and it is affordably priced.

Cons: One needs to take the band off to read heart rate, it is not water-resistant, screen is not always on and has a poor display in sunlight.

Verdict: Good product at a affordable price but needs lot of improvisation.

This is segment which will have many new models coming every day and the market is going to touch a new high in smart watch category.

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