Published On: Mon, Dec 26th, 2016

Ways To Use AdWords Application For Monitoring Performances

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2016 was a promising year for technical growth. One of the major significances lies with AdWords App. This app seems to be a great way to manage and even monitor your account, while you are on the go. Sometimes, while you were on the go and find quite some challenge while making changes in non-mobile friendly interfaces. With the help of AdWords, you have the liberty to view performances, ad groups or pause campaigns. You even have the right to make payments directly from the app. This app is mostly available for both Android and IOS category.

Basic help as implemented

There are some interesting features available, which make Adwords a great service for your business. Once you have downloaded this application and logged in, you can adjust the timeframe easily and even review some of the basic stats. It comprises of Clicks, Impressions, Avg CPC, CTR and even Average position. You will further get the chance to deal with cost and conversions, with the help of this application. You just need to select the pencil icon, located at top corner to the right and select your noted date range. You can even procure the same date range, which is available on the desktop.

Checking on the graphs

Well, you now have the liberty to swipe within the AdWords main interface. That helps in providing you with various graphs for devices, impressions, click type, network and week’s day. There are pie charts available under device and network sectors for addressing some of the interesting features. The bottom of the screen comprises of some valid options. You can click on any of the tabs for better function. Starting from ad groups to campaigns, ads and keywords, there are loads of options available. You can click the icon for reordering columns and view statistics in the most promising order.

Some limitations to follow

However, there are some limitations, which you might have to follow, while working on AdWords application. You do not have the right to edit your ad copy. But, you have the liberty to pause or enable ads, within the said account. You cannot add any new keywords to account, but get the chance to edit bids or even enable or pause existing keywords. You have the right to change budget of your campaign, but you cannot change the location. You can enable the campaign, according to your requirement, too. You can change, pause or enable ad groups, but cannot change the current bidding strategies.

Clicking on opportunities banner

Once you have clicked on the AdWords opportunities banner, you are said to receive some recommendations. However, it is sometimes worthy enough to wait, unless you get a review of the current site in details. You can review the account well, before going for any changes. In case, the recommendations are making some sense; then you can easily apply those from your phone.  It is an interesting way to make changes to the interface, even while you are on the go. You can even add payment methods or make some direct payments, through this app.

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