Published On: Wed, Feb 1st, 2017

The World’s Thinnest Charger Cover For Iphone 6 And 6S Models

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Those days are long gone, when you have to get hold of your portable charger, along with you, whenever you went. As your smartphones become old enough, their battery capacity starts to fade away. It is during such instances, when you need to charge your phones more often, just to let it stay alive.

And for that, portable chargers are best. But those are sometimes heavy, and can easily act as another additional accessory, which you might not want to carry everywhere. How about trying out something light and more accessible? And there you have it, your thinnest iPhone charger case, with no extra heavy weightage, whatsoever.

Double your battery life:

Now, you have the liberty to double up your battery’s life, without getting to carry any extra luggage or portable charger with you. It’s all in the case, which is stick to the back of your phone. And the cover is so thin that you won’t even feel like adding any extra weightage to your iPhones. These charger cases are meant for your iPhones only, and the shapes and sizes are going to vary, depending on the model you have chosen.

Features to look into:

Before you proceed further and get to buy this charger case, you might want to know a bit more about the features. It is no doubt the world’s thinnest charger cover for iPhones. It is also defined as the highest CROWDFUNDED battery case, which you can come across. This is the only charging case over here, which has the original lighting charging cable of that of iPhone 6. Due to it pass-through charging facilities, you have the liberty tocharge your iPhone and the case at the same time.

This is the only charging case, which will allow pass-through data transfer, at the same time. So, now, you can easily get your data transfer, without even trying to remove the cover. This model is well-compatible with the iPhone 6 and the 6S models. It can further work well with the IOS8 version, along with all the futuristic updates.

There is a powerful 2600 mAh battery available with the li-Polymer sector, which will help you to charge the iPhones nearly 100%. This is again translates to around 10+ hours of talk time, along with web browsing for more than 7 hours, without losing your battery life.

Get ultimate satisfaction over here:

Once you have started using this item, you will be glad to receive the ultimate satisfaction of all time. And the best part is that these covers are available with one year of warranty service. So, no matter whichever cover you choose for 6 or 6S models, all those are available with twelve months of warranty service.

If anything happens between those times, you can get a brand new item, from the store. But that fault must be from the manufacturer’s side, and not from yours. And some of the significant e-commerce sites are currently offering you with the best charger cover, within affordable rates. You might end up with some discounts, too.

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