3D Graphics

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What is 3D Graphics?

3D or 3- Dimensional computer graphics stand for graphical representation of geometric data in a 3 Dimensional mode in a 2 dimensional plane or the display unit. To distinguish from 2D or 2 Dimensional graphics which reveal position, colour and brightness, 3D representation uses an imaginary z-axis by utilizing a 3D pixel which indicates position lying on z-axis. Multiple of 3D pixels in combination with their own depth value represent depth value in a 2D plane called texture. Not just texture but multiple objects interaction is also supported by 3D technology. For instance, an opaque object may hide an object behind it which can be ray traced by applying realistic shadows under advanced 3D technology.

Innovations in 3D Graphics

Lately,there has been several innovations in 3D technology. Companies like Apple have lodged several applications at patent office for patenting new 3D graphics related technology like Virtual Camera for 3D maps, 2D map views for 3D maps, methods and apparatus for building a 3 Dimensional model from multiple data sets, map title in 3D etc.

3D Graphics Programming

3D graphics can be achieved through a variety of applications available in the market for the purpose. There are also programming languages that help in obtaining the desired 3D like 3D programming in C++ and Java. The programmers sometimes go in for a specialized training to become well versed in graphical programming. These programming languages help immensely in obtaining 3D computer graphics.

Webgl and 3D Graphics

Webgl or Web Graphics Library is a Javascript API used to render interactive 3D and 2D graphics without using plug-ins within any compatible browser. Webgl, in concise, is an immediate mode 3D rendering API designed for the world wide web. However, webgl is based on Opengl Es 2.0 specification and withholds the semantics of Opengl ES to maximize portability to mobile devices. In the context of HTML or Hyper Text Markup Language, Webgl is designed as a rendering context for HTML canvas element. There are many instances of usage of 3D Graphics out of which Webgl chooses that approach which provides flexible primitives which can be applied to any use case.

Considering today’s scenario where computer graphics being applied extensively and each day there is advancement in technologies, 3D is the most advanced form of graphics till date.

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