Published On: Thu, Jul 3rd, 2014

Amazon, the World’s Prominent Retailer Launched an Incredible Smart Phone In The name Of Fire Phone

Amazon fire phone

The market of Smartphones is no doubt a highly competitive market and the rivalry is particularly between the giant manufacturers of Smartphone Samsung and apple. On the other side, the online monster Amazon have also made an attempt to venture into this competitive market to stand on par with these outstanding Smartphone producers. As the use of Smartphone is surging in the recent days with digital marketing as one among the reasons, it is no surprise that in the near future; there is a likely chance where almost all mobile users turn towards the use of Smartphone. This in turn induces the Smartphone producers to come up with keep launching latest gadget equipped with features surpassing the previous one.

Amazon’s new attempt:

After many months of rumor, Amazon has finally launched a smart phone in the name of fire phone, tempting the anticipations of millions of smart phone enthusiast who were eagerly waiting for its launch. This latest gadget is equipped with most of unbelievable specifications, especially the firefly, mayday and dynamic perspective 3D characteristics. This first attempt made by Amazon is expected to create a massive impact among smart phone users as it boasts several spectacular phone features.

Exhilarating features of fire phone:

This latest gadget in the name of fire phone presents a 4.7 inch display maintaining an HD resolution. Gorilla glass 3 decorates the display with rubber frame that surrounds the edge. The display appears wider and long, something which is similar to Google Nexus 4 or apple iphone 4s. Amazon included dual Dolby stereo speakers with the fire phone to enable surround sound besides watching videos on the gadget. In fact, watching videos is one thing that people loves to enjoy on smartphones as well as on tablets. It has also been stated by Amazon that thousands of videos along with exclusives will be made available to the users of fire phone via instant video.

Camera featured with unlimited photo backup:

The device also boasts 13 mega pixel cameras at its back with f/2.0 lens having stabilization of optical image. The camera shutter of this latest gadget will remain open for longer period to assure that shots at even low light promises stunning pictures. The users can take burst, panorama and action shots as well. Unlimited photo storage is featured by this gadget so that the users can capture as many pictures as required by them with no restrictions on storage.

The provision of scanning real world objects and locating it on Amazon:

Firefly is incredibly a striking features that enables the users to find objects and products that they come across in the real world i.e. online. The extraordinary show-rooming tool features the use of one of the cameras in the phone to be acquainted with books, phone numbers, DVDs, CDs games and other types of media. Once firefly identifies what the user is looking for, it performs the search for that particular product in its own database and identifies the version that the user can purchase on Amazon.

Mayday feature:

Mayday refers to the best customer service. Mayday is a new approach on customer service which is accomplished in this latest gadget that lets the user to call Amazon’s tech expert throughout 24×7 and 365 days a year, in case if they encounter issues with the phone. It works pretty simple, as with a single hit on mayday button will allow user to reach the useful tech support that can solve the problem.

With the presence of all these charming features in the fire phone, it is no wonder that it will definitely be a great time for Smartphone users.

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