Published On: Sat, Sep 27th, 2014

Android one mobile phone, a Low Price Smartphone

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Every year we receive some new add-ons to the list of smart phones. From new comers to top brands, all are trying to provide something new with the aim to make their very own place and catch the market. Currently, Google launched its new Smartphone, which seems to be the first device out of Google’s Android One. The main aim of this device is to boost sales in the key emerging markets by means of better quality software and cheaper prices. In collaboration with Indian handset manufacturers such as Karbonn, Spice and Micromax, Google introduces this Smartphone in order to target the growing low cost segments of Earth’s fastest booming Smartphone market. In addition to India, Google plans to spread this android one widely to Philippines, Indonesia and several other South Asian countries.

Improved hardware and software quality:

With the Android one device, Google aims to enhance the quality of both hardware as well as software by offering handset manufacturers an outline of reference. Powerful sales of Smartphone from Android one should represent more internet access and also more utilization of Google products. Recently, most of the India’s cheap Smartphone and other upcoming markets run many different and somewhat personalized version of Android operating system. Many a number of variations they produce will make the Smartphones prone to glitches. In fact, it leaves Google with no control along its platform. The ultimate software upgrades of android one will come straightly from Google. This offers the company superior control of operating system and assures users to get a reliable service. After the United States and China, India is considered to be the third leading Smartphone marketplace in the globe. Therefore, Google would not like to give such a large market in the control of brands which are looking to utilize a custom split android operating system just like happening in China.

More than affordability:

Generally India is a smart market for companies which manufacture low cost smart phone as more and more people are nowadays able to get a smart phone frequently for the first time. According to some recent studies, it has been revealed that about ten percent of the India’s populace presently owns a smart phone. So, Google expects that this figure is surely going to double within the next 4 years. Approximately, there are minimum 80 Smartphone brands available in India and market analysts say that Android one phone should provide consumers more than simply affordability if Google competes with Motorola, Samsung and China’s Xiaomi that all make evenly priced devices. The starting price never sticks; however it will be hard for them to struggle if they do not arrive down further. Customizing web contents to suit the Indian clients is the priority for Google. The new launch Android one phone can be utilized in 7 Indian languages together with Hindi. More than that, Google is even working on enabling users to get pleasure from YouTube videos offline in the countries where access to internet is commonly patchy and pricey.

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