Published On: Tue, Dec 17th, 2013

How Android phones are better the iPhones?

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Getting back to some previous months in reference to the big story when the one and the only cell phone inventor Martin Cooper bestowed his personal iPhone gadget to his grandson on the side of the Motorola Droid, which was one of the leading Android gadgets at that time. It apparently seems, it had lesser to do with selecting an open dais but has more to do with the analysis of the innovative, well-known cell phones in the mobile market. Cooper highlights that he has been keeping a passion to carry every latest phone that hits the market, no matter what the price of the gadget is.

By the way, the Android developers’ community exceptionally stood on ceremony while welcoming Martin Cooper to the family, and following the four months, it still seems he still makes the best from the experience. In March, while he was rubbing shoulders with the Android OS, he gave an account of some “favorable results.” During the interview conducted by the CNN, when asked which cell phone he is using right now, he responded that he still use the “Droid” and added, “Android apps and phones are coming to the front rapidly, and the piping hot model of the Android mobile phones are as good as gold if not better, than the iPhone.” You can read Android phone review available online to get to the bottom about Android phones.

Incidentally, this is not the news that can strike anyone in the community vehemently, yet it ensures that one thing or the other continues to come from the end of the inventor of the cell phone himself.Already known that Martin bestowed his iPhone to his grandson on the side a Motorola Droid. Good move Martin! What better of an approval to the Android Group than the inventor of the cell phone himself carrying a latest Android phone? It makes be awe struck as if Martin’s phone is rooted? Could he be running the latest 2.1 custom ROM all theme’d out?The inquisitive question is “Will Martin throw away his Motorola Droid when the Nexus One hits Verizon? I think it is time to wait until the matter comes into light apparently.


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