Published On: Fri, Sep 12th, 2014

Benefits Of Vision Less 3D Games For Blind People

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A professional team in France has developed a game through which players can use their aural senses to progress through levels. Yes, the team of professionals has developed a series of video-less 3D games which rely on sound rather than sight allowing visually impaired players to experience the joys of digital gaming. These video less games make use of a production technique which is known as binaural recording in order to construct audio only games. This concept is being adopted by a huge number of the professional game designers in order to help the industry more accessible to both visually impaired and blind people.

The binaural recording involves fitting a mannequin with tiny condenser microphones which can mimic the way that your ears can hear the sound naturally. Every scene in the game is being recorded by employing this method and this enables the players to avail three dimensional and realistic experiences. The technique involves fitting a dummy with tiny condenser microphones that mimic the way our ears naturally hear sound. Each scene in the game is recorded using this method and the result is a more realistic, three-dimensional experience. As graphics are not utilized in these games, it is a must for the players to rely on aural senses in order to climb to the next levels.

The latest game in the type of genre has been launched by a team of skilled developers in France. They are using a crowd funding campaign in order to raise more money to return their demo game into a full featured game. The team of creative technologists required putting blind and vision impaired gamers to enjoy the game with same level of quality as sighted gamers. The team of professionals behind the project includes Jerome Cattenot, Nordine Ghachi and Pierre-Alain Gagne. They also believe that the intuitive game play involved in the vision less 3D games makes it comprehensively impressive.

The players can control the movements of the main characters of the game using touch screen. The players can also move their feet and their weapons through simple motions on the phone. However, the screen will be remaining dark at all times. They creative team suggests that the players should wear headphones to get utmost benefits and they can also hear what’s happening around you. By wearing high quality headphones, the players can hear the sound of flowing river, birds flying and the noise of the forest. The players will definitely hear the sound and thereby helping the players to locate the elements in that specific environment.

The main intention of creating these blind games is to change the behavior and the attitudes of the people towards disability. Each and every aspect in the game was incorporated by having the needs and requirements of blind people in mind. The team of professionals wanted to make sure that the ambiance and environment should be at the level to meet the anticipation of the gamers. Moreover, it is not only a game for blind people bur for everyone.

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