Published On: Sat, Aug 16th, 2014

The Best Electronic Flexible Paper And Mobile Phones

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Most of us imagining to have a flexible display is all the aspects of the technology like mobile, Television, watch and many others. The main advantage of the flexible display is that the device must be flexible in nature. This is the rising technology by overcoming the flat screen display technology. This technology can be applied only in the electronic devices, but it is also very difficult to make such type as they cost more, but in the recent years many people show interest in making this technology. You can also have this technology to read the newspaper in the near future.

The origin of the Flexible Display:

Most of the consumer electronics manufacturers like this type of display technology so it is easy to make the mobile phones, e-readers and many other electronics devices. There are many research and development are gaining in the flexible e-paper type displays and this first began in the late 2000s. With the advanced technology the first type of flexible display of this type is made in 2008 and is demonstrated at the university’s Flexible Display Center. Nowadays some television displays also this type of technology and the size of this electronic device is very efficient than the previous models. Since manufacturing with this kind of flexible technology is very expensive, this cost of the flexible electronic devices is also very expensive to buy in the market, but in the near future this type of display is the basis for the advancement of the display technology.

The Electronic Flexible Paper:

The electronic paper technology is growing very fast as they use only Electrowetting or the Electrophoretic technology. There are many types of electronic paper and they vary with the different implementation of the techniques by the different companies. The first flexible electronic paper display was developed by the Arizona State University by the HP employees and the HP Labs is called as the Self-Aligned Imprint Lithography (SAIL). The screen of the display is made by layering the stacks of the semi-conductor materials. The metals like pliable plastic sheets are placed between the flexible electronic devices. The stacks in the device are perfectly aligned so that the heat that are produced in the display is decreased massively. Deforming the materials when they are aligned makes the screen stable while using the device. The screen materials have the finite full rolls that are placed in the display so the display can be turned to any shape and use accordingly. This prototype display is unbreakable unlike the glass display of the modern devices.

Mobile devices:

Nowadays only less product of the flexible mobile devices is available and some of them are Samsung Round, LG G Flex, Samsung KN55S9C, LG 55EA9800 and many more. In the near future this type of display will increase the models and charging in this type of mobile phones are also very easy and unique. There are also many sensors available in these types of mobiles like Accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass and many others.

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