Published On: Sat, Jul 20th, 2019

Ears ringing after a concert: 5 remedies and when to see a doctor

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Loud noises will harm little hair cells within the sense organ. These hair cells vibrate in response to noise and send a message to the brain. Once destroyed, the cells don’t grow back. Scientists suppose that harm to those cells causes the brain to misinterpret the signal it receives, thus it makes up a sound instead. this is often what causes an individual to listen to ringing in their ears when a concert, even once space is silent. Some live music may be very loud. Any exposure to sounds at or on top of 85 decibels (dB) will cause noise-induced deafness. For reference, the amount of a typical speech is regarding sixty sound units. the amount of noise from serious town traffic is around 85 sound unit. Concerts are sometimes overflowed this 85 sound unit level. While the typical consumer might expertise symptoms that solely last a few of hours, anyone paying attention to live music frequently might begin to expertise symptom for additional extended periods of your time if they are doing not take steps to treat or stop the harm.

When to see a doctor

If the ringing within the ears doesn’t get away once each day close to, it’s going to be time to visualize a doctor. it’s attainable that one thing aside from the concert is inflicting the symptom.

Numerous things may influence ringing within the ears, and doctors can wish to envision the foremost probably culprits. Throughout the appointment, a doctor can probably do a physical communicating of the auditory meatus. In some cases, excess wax or a remote object will mire within the ear and cause the symptom. Doctors might also check for signs of AN ear infection, raise regarding the person’s stress levels, and raise regarding any medications they take.

Tinnitus influenced by any of those factors ought to clear up once the underlying condition is treated. In cases of chronic symptom, doctors will advocate hearing devices or medications to assist ease a number of the symptoms. 


Hearing ringing within the ears once a concert could be a sign of hearing harm, which can be permanent. Taking preventative measures is crucial to avoid noise-induced hearing disorder.


a man at music pageant victimization earplugs

Wearing at a concert earplugs will facilitate forestall noise-induced hearing disorder.

Foam earplugs square measure accessible at several pharmacies or grocery stores, and lots of music venues even offer them to guests. There square measure even firms that build custom earplugs to assist scale back the loudness of the sound of a concert while not moving the standard of the sound. In AN emergency, clean paper napkins that square measure balled up and gently positioned within the external organ might facilitate muffle the loud sounds of a concert.


When shopping for tickets for a concert, it’s going to facilitate to listen to wherever the speakers are going to be settled within the venue. Booking seats any off from the speakers might facilitate scale back the number of sound reaching the ear.

Taking breaks

Continuous eruption solely puts the ear at a lot of risk for a symptom. Taking regular breaks at a concert to travel outside for recent air or visit the lavatory might give the ears a chance.


People experiencing ringing in their ears when a concert don’t ought to panic because the symptoms can seemingly begin to fade inside some hours. Home remedies will usually facilitate speed up the method, and a visit to the doctor might uncover any underlying cause in cases of persistent symptom. While experiencing temporary symptom when exposure to loud music isn’t an instantaneous cause for concern, the harm done to a human hearing might add up over time.

Many of the causes of symptom are preventable, like visiting concerts or enjoying music too loud in headphones, therefore it’s vital to require steps to forestall noise-induced hearing disorder.

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