Published On: Fri, May 9th, 2014

Eton Soulra XL – A fancy high tech Black Box

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Eton-Soulra-XLThe Eton Soulra XL is a high tech speaker dock powered by solar energy. This high tech solar powered on the go gadget features 8 speakers and is used to volume iPods and iPhones.

Just connect it to your iPhone or iPod and enjoy the fantastic sound without any annoyance that is otherwise created due to the power cable attachments. It is a 72 square inch enhanced black box with mono crystal solar panel that produces enough energy to recharge its lithium ion battery along with the device.

If for any reasons there is no sun the batteries of the gadget still keep the tunes going for quite some time. The iDevice installed in it allows you to see its screen irrespective of the sunny conditions. The remote offers you to control your iPod from distance from distance and helps to eliminate the trip rounds to the dock for switching over the playlist or any other related purpose. Listed below are some detailed fancy features of Soulra XL .
Marvel sophisticated design

The player is set in a recessed dock featuring a tinted cover. This hinged plastic cover reduces glare so that the user can easily see the iPod’s display. But you need to leave the display’s backlight on for continuous in order to look through the tinted cover. Well this won’t create any issues for you as the Soulra XL also charges the docked player, even when the system is running on batteries.The remote fits easily into a storage space available at the back of the device.

Easy to carry for travel

The Soulra XL is designed for portable use. It features a rubberized exterior, which makes it moisture-resistant so you need not to worry about taking it at the pool sides or beaches. Along with the handy a detachable strap is provided. The strap is gel padded which resists any cuts while carrying.
Power and Control

The Soulra XL system comes with a remote, and has a storage spot for it on the back of the XL. The system has a rubberized coating, so which is an additional feature which protects the system from getting splashed.

The small remote is just absolutely great addition provided with the handy. The users can stop, pause, Play, skip, and of course volume of course. The Soulra XL also features an AC power adapter which makes it easy to use indoors.
Hours required to charge

Under optimal conditions it takes maximum five hours to get the batteries fully charged .juts place the device under the direct sun and by the end of the prescribed time and the gadget will turn fully charged into ready to use device.
The solar panel props

There have been some improvements in the design of the gadget from its original including the solar panel. The original Soulra XL’s panel folded over to double as a cover but the improved system is exposed at all times. It is set on the back of the triangular XL, and can also be flipped up. Thus it can be charged easily just by rotating the panel at the front or back accordingly.
Suitable for the outdoors

The sound system of the Soulra is made such that it can be used for the outdoors too. The system comprises of two tweeters, four bass ports and two woofers. Now make no mistake — the Soulra XL isn’t empowered to replace the home audio system variety. But still it serves users at its best as a dock speaker and is always worth to use.

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