Published On: Wed, Aug 6th, 2014

Free E-book websites

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Reading is the best and the easiest way for a human mind to get relaxed, gain knowledge and let his imaginative powers take wings. This is the best thing which can happen to anyone. There is nothing equal to reading be it Sci-Fi, fiction, literature, drama much more. So when e-readers started to become popular a lot of readers took it this way that e-books would be available free of cost or much cheaper to regular print version. Now many e-books are equally as expensive as their print version available in the market. But if you are a regular reader and do not have that budget for many books or e-books, do not worry there are many e-books available online which you may download for free.

Let us find out the famous and popular websites from where you may download e-books for without any cost.

Project Gutenberg                                        

Project Gutenberg is among the top favourites if someone is looking for any older book specially those books whose copyrights have expired. This website has vast and beautiful collection of majority of the old books. Few of the books are also available in multiple languages, if English is not your first language. Just login to their website and browse the book category link and see which book you are looking for.

Recently they started Project Gutenberg Self-Publishing Press where current authors can post their work you may find some good books by new authors here and not find any famous ones.


This website is not only about e-books but much more. If technology is your interest then make use of has numerous books to help you upgrade and update your knowledge and technology skills. They have a large collection of tech books whether be it iphone, windows8, android or networking they have it all. You will find the latest tech blogs as well as articles which will excite you and offer you a lot of information. So, you can save this website in your favourites for regular access. offers you books to download and read in pdf, txt, epub and mobi formats. Searching for books is very easy on this website and the interface is pleasing. Here you get detailed information about the book you wish to download. What else you can register here and can also create and upload your own book and see how many people like it and become famous. Free-eBooks has a large collection of books for people’s interest.

This is a popular e-book website which provides popular titles, recommendations and reviews from visitors. You have the option to browse book titles by name, author and even language. You may find new titles very easily available here as well as the visual search option makes it easy to search what you are looking for. It has many download format options for you.


Smashwords is very much similar to Gutenberg’s self-publishing site, but this website is here since long and has a bigger collection of e-books. To download any e-book all you need is to create a free account for yourself. You will find majority of the latest titles available here but yes all of them are not free so you may check the price prior to download.

There are many websites which are equally famous depending upon your interest and requirement. So, enjoy reading your favourite title.

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