Published On: Wed, Jul 30th, 2014

Google Chrome – Smart Tips

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Life without internet is so boring and we all use computers, Smart phones for browsing. Google chrome is among one of the favourite browser for many internet users because its fast, easy to use and reliable. A lot of people even say it as 3 color browser as it has Green, Red and Yellow in its browser icon. We here share few of the smart tips and tricks which you may try and use with your chrome browser and this surely will make your working and browsing faster and interesting.

Opening New Tab

To open a new tab in your existing browser, use the right flip type looking icon and a new blank page will be opened. Short-cute key is Press ctrl+T.

New Window

To open a new window all you need to do is Press ctrl+N.

Pin & Unpin tab

This is a great feature when you have to work on multiple tabs/pages and it makes your screen appear crowded and you get confused. So go to any of the tab which is opened, and do right click on it. You will get option list from which select “Pin tab” to minimize the tab. These will only the icon of that url thus making the tab compact. You may again go to options and “Unpin tab” if you want.

Using Address bar

If you need to search anything one may directly type that search item in URL address bar as it is also your search field. So this way you do not need to open a search engine for that and thus making browsing faster.

Calculations in address bar

In addition of using the address bar for search option you can also do calculations there and press enter you will get to the see the calculation result. For e.g. 5*2 and press enter you will see the result in the search box.

Browsing History

Use Ctrl + Shift + Del keys which will take you directly to the settings page where you can delete your browsing history.

See Browsing History

Use Ctrl + H it will open your browsing history.

Bookmarking or adding favourites

You may make a webpage as your favourite by clicking the “star” icon at the right end of the address bar. Keyboard shortcut is “Ctrl + D”. Next time you can open the page directly by simply clicking from your favourite list.

Dragging a Tab out of the browsing window

click on a tab and pull towards right out of the browsing window and it will become a new browsing window all together and no more a part of the existing window which has many tabs. In the same manner you can select the tab and pull it back in the existing multiple tabs window by a mere click on the tab and hold it while dragging back to the old window.

Incognito Mode

Incognito is s great feature of Google chrome which lets you work on any page or website without getting its history saved. It is also known as secret or secured mode. Even the cookies created while using a particular page will automatically get deleted once you close the browser. To use this mode, right lick on any link in chrome browser and click on “New incognito window” or the shortcut key is “Ctrl + Shift + N”.

Google chrome is a great browser with many unique features which makes browsing not only quick but also fun. We will keep updating new and amazing tricks to make your browsing more meaningful.

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