Published On: Wed, Dec 28th, 2016

Introducing The New OTG Endoscope Tube For Android Based Phone

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Technical gadgets are currently ravishing the marketplace. There are so many interesting forms of technical innovations, among which, the mobile phone is always on the hike. Nowadays, you are likely to get hold of the best smartphones, used for exploring things like anal cavities and drain pipes. It might sound a little bit weird at first, but it’s not.

Introducing the all-new USB endoscope tube; with latest features and technicalities. This is attached to your smartphone for a quick and clear view. Now, you will be able to check those areas, which were otherwise hard to reach. It comprises of waterproof 7mm camera, attached to one end of the tube. This camera is capable of transmitting 640 x 480 visuals, with 30 frames per second. Now, that’s quite a speed.

More about the OTG Endoscope tube

Android Phone supports the OTG Endoscope tube. It can perform UVC and OTG functions without fail. However, for using these tubes, you have to follow some impeccable models. Not all Android models can support the use of this tube. Some of the model numbers, which can work well with the OTG Endoscope tube, are Samsung Galaxy S6, S5 and S7 Edge, Note 3, Note 2, Note 4 and Note 5. Only the high-end phones are compatible with the tubes.

Variations to work on

As defined already, there is a camera attached to one side of this OTG Endoscope tube. Now, you have the IP67 Waterproof OTG Endoscope tube camera. It comprises of adjustable forms of LED lights, which is fully compatible with various uses. You might even come across the best use of CMOS camera, known for its high resolution. It follows the 640 x 480 resolution with 30 frames on a single second.

The camera comprises a focal length of 3cm to 8cm. You have to download the “CameraFi” application, from the Google Play Store, for the proficient use of this endoscope. There are loads of interesting features available, which shows the hike in current technical segments, these days.

Some of the application areas

There are various reasons behind the growing use of USB endoscope tube. It can be used in various application fields. Some of those areas are an underwater camera, intraoral camera system, waterproof micro-cameras and even motor vehicle detector. This tube can further be used as sewer pipeline detector and in search and rescue sector.

If you want help in criminal and custom detection, try using this USB endoscope tube for a change. The same mechanism is used to detecting archaeological aspects and even work as PCB detection. Whether it is associated with home care or just relating to space and aviation industries, there are loads of options available. You can even use the tube in tractors and car industries. It has a growing use in petroleum drilling industries and even in constructional areas.

Some noteworthy points

Before you try to use this USB endoscope tube, make sure that you are using an Android system. If not, then the tube might not function properly. Moreover, it must support OTG, and the phone camera needs to be compatible with UVC.

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