Published On: Thu, Jan 31st, 2019

iPhone conference call : calls to many from the iPhone

Whether it’s for work, family planning vacations or friends to talk about the last night, there is no doubt that in many situations we would like to talk to more than two on the iPhone.

Many of you wonder if it is possible to make phone calls to many from an iPhone. The answer is obviously yes. And good news the conference call feature is available by default on the iPhone. You will not need to install or configure anything else.

Make a phone call to several-

Who has not dreamed of being able to chat with several people at the same time? Simple and fast this mode of communication is the most effective way to disseminate information or prepare an output. It avoids moving and wasting time in transport or traffic jams. You will be able to keep in touch with your colleagues, your friends or your family without leaving your cozy couch.

And do not think that conference call services are reserved for companies only. Most iPhone smartphones today are able to handle multiple phone calls at the same time. Everything is done directly from the phone application installed by default on your mobile.

The procedure is extremely simple to carry out, yet it is necessary to know it. Note that it is possible to make a conference call to several even if your correspondents do not have an iPhone. Unlike FaceTime, the conference call service works regardless of the phones used (Android, Windows Mobile etc.).

Let’s see how to do it:

No need to try to call several people at the same time, this is not the way to go. To create conference call iPhone, let’s start by calling a first contact.

Once online, the menu below appears on the screen. Then just press ‘new call’ to make a new call and join a second caller.

When the second party picks up, he will not be immediately connected to the first. Make a conference call only after you press the conference key will the first party, the second party, and you be connected and share the same conversation.

In call conference setting it is possible to accommodate up to 5 participants in addition to you.

For more details please have a look Video-

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