Published On: Fri, Mar 3rd, 2017

Lenovo Owned Motorola Is Likely To Launch Moto G5 Series Soon In India

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To be up in this competitive market, Lenovo is about to enter India with it new models, Moto G5 and Moto G5 Plus. Here, you are definitely going to enjoy some decent specifications at rates, which are truly affordable. If you have little money to spare and want the best, then you are most welcome to catch up with the best team from this Lenovo sector.

The Moto G4 Plus might have gone through some minor heating, but has proven to be a decent choice among users. Therefore, the Lenovo owned Motorola is now here with its amazing successors of Moto G4 with Moto G5 in the event MWC 2017. And Motorola is out with two different models, Moto G5 and Moto G5 Plus. And in these G series models, Motorola has finally implanted a metallic construction.

Moto G5 Plus:

It is mandatory for you to know a bit more about the Moto G5 Plus, before you finally happen to take a quick look at the best purchase. And the positive thing is that it comprises of some simple designs, for your use. The prices are within your set rates, and you will receive only comprehensive help, for that.

This phone comprises of 5.2 full HD screeb, along with the IPS LCD Panel. It has a pixel density of 424 ppi. And to top it all, this model comprises of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 octa-core chipset. This section comprises of Cortex A53 cores, which is further clocked at 2 Ghz. This package is now paired with the current Adreno 506 GPU.

Other areas to look into:

Apart from the points mentioned already, Moto G5 Plus also comprises of an internal storage segment of 32 GB or 64 GB. It further comprises of an option to expand present storage through RAM and microSD. And this RAM is going to vary between 2GB to 4GB. It solely depends on the model you are planning to choose, over here.

The front side of the camera is of 5 MP and the rear one is 12 MP. And it further comprises of f/1.7 aperture along with promising dual autofocus pixels. This connectivity option further comprises of 4F LTE, Wi Fi, MicroUSB V 2.0 and even Bluetooth service. It again comprises of the fingerprint sensor. And it is located at the bottom side of the bezel, used for supporting some of the swiping gestures. These are further used for replicating the functions of the present on-screen buttons.

Running on latest application:

This phone runs on Android 7.0 Nougat and comes with few customizations. It has a non-removable battery with 3000 mAh, and that will definitely give you an all-day battery service. Moreover, it can even be used for supporting the 10W turbocharging, which will ensure that the battery is here refueled within a span of few minutes. If you want the cheaper version, then you might want to take help of the Motorola G5 series. The features might be little less than the Moto G5 plus, but otherwise, this is another interesting phone to watch out for.

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