Published On: Fri, May 9th, 2014

Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750

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Logitech Wireless Solar KeyboardNo more mess up of wires and cables of the keyboard. The high end technology has bestowed us with one of the extraordinary gadget, the Wireless star Keyboard K750. It is a solar-powered, wireless keyboard, with a cool concept of no wires and no batteries. But the longer we tend to used it, we tend to complete that we’d love to examine a Holy Writ with many tweaks created. This exceptionally outstanding gadget is just a star. Listed below are the qualities showcasing the exclusives of the star keyboard.

The Wireless star Keyboard K750 is fully wire-free. You need no USB cable or backup batteries to make it function. Instead it recharges via the present solar panels present on the keyboard’s surface. Logitech claims the interior battery can last for 3 months of traditional use underneath a full charge.

The full-size, Chiclet-style keyboard, and also the numeric keyboard are arranged in a standard layout, created of black keys labeled with a white fount. One of the major splashes of color is of the yellow icons that set the keys within in perform row apart.You press an identical matching yellow Fn key within the bottom row to activate these alternate functions, most of that are area unit for media-file playback.

Above the perform row, the 2 star panels comprise of a stripe across the top of the keyboard. The panels’ area unit is capable to process both natural and artificial light. At the top towards the right, below that side’s solar battery, the “check” button you see within the image below permits you to charge the keyboard. Press it, and a crystal rectifier next to the smiley-face or frowning-face icon delivers the news.

To connect the keyboard to your laptop, a USB receiver comes within the box. The 2.4GHz receiver is slightly smaller than a quarter. The compact units usually termed “nano receivers” helps to unify with the new input devices. Unifying permits the user to attach the other Logitech Unifying-compliant devices that you simply might own to your laptop with only 1 receiver. That is handy if you are a Logitech admirer, since it will prevent a USB port.

Key Layout

The key layout is quite good . The action of the square-shaped keys is firm. Though the keyboard is sort of skinny, the keys rise way enough on top of it to grant adequate finger feedback for touch .The contours and placement of the keys were additionally well thought out. The key tops have slight indents to direct your fingertips to their centers as you strike them, and also the keys themselves are well spaced apart.

The vertical measure of the keyboard isn’t much, however it’s deep enough to provides a positive impression that you’d hit the key. ‘The type’ on this model is very soft-sounding, with none of the clicking or clatters that some like in a keyboard.

On using the keyboard flat on a table, it may tend to be somewhat too low-lying throughout prolonged sessions with productivity programs for work or college. In addition to it the users need to use caution to strike the keys near perpendicularly; the chassis is quite light and may slide slightly if you hit the keys at a small angle.


Our bottom line it is suggested to try out this keyboard before you purchase, if you can audition it at a neighborhood outlet.

The intense thinness of the K750 permits it to be a light-enough travel companion for those who require to tote a standard sized keyboard from place to place. It’s doable to tuck this keyboard into a bag or backpack. However if it stays, it is a solid-enough choice for those that like a low-profile, laptop-style key feel over the additional tactile response of a real desktop model. Additionally, those savings on batteries can serve you even if the texture does not absolutely satisfy your hands.

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