Published On: Mon, Mar 27th, 2017

Nokia Introduces Its Famous 3310 Model Alongside 3 Smartphones

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Nokia is back in business after re-launching its very old yet famous 3310 model in this year, 2017. It made a huge comeback in this growing market, through the Congress tradeshow 2017, as held in Barcelona, Spain. Nokia is about to launch multiple Android smartphones in near future, and this prime re-launch is just the first baby step forward. This featured phone is back in market with its old moniker, alongside some big upgrades, to never miss.

Features to harp on:

Before you proceed further and try to add this phone in your kitty, you might want to check on the features, to harp on. This new series comes handy with more than 30 features, and a 2.4 inch of QVGA display. It has the capability to handle Dual SIM functionality, and will sport a 2MP camera. And there is a separate space for the microSD card slot, as well.

This phone is even stated to provide you with 22 hours of talk time along with a standby time of one month. Now, that sounds cool, isn’t it? And how can you miss the most famous Snake game! The best part is that it comes with an upgraded version.

Color and various other options:

Another thing, which you need to know, is that this phone comes with multiple color variations. Available in impeccable grey, yellow, blue or even red, this phone has some of the promising variations of all time. Another interesting thing to catch on is that this handset comprises of a slimmer version, when compared to the previous mode.

And it is now the duty of HMD for manufacturing some of the best Nokia handsets. Within the second quarter of this year, this model will be right up on the shelves, in stores, nearby you. The cheap price of the phone is just making it more promising than ever. It is likely to price at 49 euros, which in Indian currency is roughly at 3400 bucks. Thus, it can be stated as a cheap phone, solely dedicated for the masses.

Other variations to work on:

This phone is not the only in-thing, which is ravishing the market. The same company also launched four different forms of smartphones, which include the globalized version of Nokia 6 smartphone. This phone came into the market first time in China, the previous month. Along with this major smartphone, there are some other new additions from Nokia, ravishing the market at its best.

You cannot deny the craze it works on, when Nokia flashes three other smartphones in the market, under the names Nokia 5, Nokia 6 and Nokia 3. All these smartphones hit the market with its Android 7.1 Nougat version. This is the latest OS, you can possibly come across. So, that’s being said, it can be clearly stated that these smartphones from Nokia are here to stay and beat others out of business. So, without further ado, it’s time to pack your wallet with cash or card, and reach out to the first mobile store, you can lay your eyes on.

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