Published On: Thu, Mar 23rd, 2017

Oppo F3 Plus: Is It Worth The Price It Is Asking For?

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Just like any other smartphone companies, Oppo is also coming up with some new models, which are definitely going to blow your mind. Now, the latest kid in the block is going to be the Oppo F3 Plus, which is available at an amount of 30,990 Indian rupees. Critics have this brilliant question in mind. Is this phone worth the amount, it is charging? To find the right answer, it is pretty important for you to check out the features, this phone has. And that will provide you with the most promising choice, when it comes to new technology growth.

Some features to brag on:

Well, some of the features in this phone are so amazing, that other branded manufacturing departments might charge higher prices for the same features in their respective phones. It has the 16 MP rear camera and an 8 MP front camera, whose quality is always up to the mark. And thanks to its impressive forms of selfie credentials, you need not have to worry further. But, alongside, there are some other respective features, which make this phone really promising for you to work on.

Checking on the other interior features:

To know more about the phone, it is mandatory for you to check on the features it has interior. And that is only possible, when you have the Octa core Snapdragon 653 processor, as the basic mechanism behind this Oppo smartphone. But, there is one drawback, which is associated with this smartphone, and that comes under no having a high end CPU. And this might be that particular reason on why people are looking for other options, and not always relying on this one. However, on an average, this phone is not that bad, but for some people, it’s not worth the money it is asking.

Attractive device but quite expensive:

It is of no doubt to state that Oppo F3 Plus is an attractive form of device. Due to its large 6 inch screen along with Full HD panel, you can always expect better picture quality. However, the price must have been within the range of 25k, and not more than that. It has 4 GB RAM, which might convince people to buy this item, but it is not always worth it. But that does not mean that this smartphone is not going to sell. It is going to work brilliantly, for your use.

Other variations available too:

If you think that this smartphone is asking for more money, then you can ask for some other brands to help. Another company, Vivo, is offering some of the similar features like Oppo F3 Plus, but within a lesser range of 28,000 Indian rupees. So, you have loads of options, in your hand. And as the technological world is evolving at a fast pace, it won’t be long when you might have so many other features, at rates, lesser than the one you are paying, right now.There are loads of packages, available within the set budget, with plenty of choices to work on.

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