Published On: Tue, Jul 12th, 2016

SEO Marketing for Google Update

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There is a lot of talk in the town with respect to the most recent Google update, which has been scratch named as Jagger. Jagger is a 3-section Google upgrade that has changed a portion of the essential standards of deciding page rank and this has influenced the SEO people group completely. The new Google update has influenced the site page positioning and the key areas, which have influenced are

  • Your web page history
  • Method for counting back links
  • Web site content and structure let us look at each one of the affected areas.

One of the essential angles driving Google positioning is the historical backdrop of your site. If your site has been online for a more duration then your chances of showing signs of improvement page ranking is higher. If a specific internal page from your site has been live for a longer period of time then it will have a better page rank for extra phrases. So you should consider the measure of time your site has been live. In such a situation, you should approach the promotion of a competitive phrase by selecting auxiliary phrases that will also contain the primary keyword. For instance, you have to pick “SEO Services in India” against “Website optimization services”. You will have a good ranking on Google for a relevant keyword phrase and in the meantime, keep your endeavors on building relevant links for your primary keyword phrase. So if you have competitive phrases and also a long site history then you stand a better chance at getting high rankings on Google.

Method for counting backlinks

As per the Google update, the historical backdrop of the links on your site will also get significance while deciding the page rank. As indicated by the Google update, the sandbox with respect to links are working in parts and after a specific period, the links will pick up an impressive piece of their weight, and after some additional time, they will put on some more weight and it will go on. This essentially implies if you seek after a third party referencing effort today then it won’t generously influence your Google rankings for a long while. Since Google does not show all incoming links you might need to consider utilizing yahoo to check your backlinks. Another essential thing is that the relevance deciding criteria has improved. As per Google, your site pages don’t need content with the correct keyword phrase but the keyword phrase must be pertinent to your industry. So if you are running a SEO business and if you link your site to that of a web design and development organization then the link will be a relevant link. Another angle that has gained momentum is natural links. If your links are inside the content range of a site page then they will convey significantly more weight than separated links.

Website content & structure

Another imperative thing saw by SEO specialists is that there is no change in the ideal keyword density yet there has been a decrease in its value. Despite the fact that the significance of having a particular keyword density on a specific web page has declined however then again there has been an increase in the importance of relevancy. Google will dole out significance on your general content and not for keyword particular content on a specific page. There will be a higher visibility for topic-specific directories as against general directories. If your site has a central subject that is conveyed all through the site then your site will have a better page rank.

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