Published On: Thu, Jul 31st, 2014

Spend Your Time In Worth Manner By Playing Taking Tom Game

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Taking tom app is one of the wonderful games in the today’s market from past few years. Nowadays, the popular game is available with latest enhanced version moreover talking tom is top most electronic pet as you can play to attain utmost happiness. However, it comes with added features in order to provide fun to the punters. There are extraordinary color assortments for its background aspects and hence you can also dress up the tom with your own style. It is one of the wonderful flash games which have gained popularity among the various players.

Taking tom in various platforms:

Talking tom cat is one of the funny applications for the various ipad, iPhone and android applications. Generally, taking tom cat is a little game for the players to make them happy. There are several sorts of interaction available as you can poke him, you can grab his tail and hence punch him. For every interaction, the tom will respond in his funny voice. Moreover, the talking tom is extremely entertainment scenario for huge number of kids belonging of all ages. You can simply record the videos of tom repeating your words and thus you can share it with your relatives, families and friends.

Description of talking tom:

Tom is your preference cat as it responds to your touch and hence repeats everything which is said by you in a humorous voice. You can poke him, pet him or else grab his tail. Apart from that, there are several versions of talking tom, for instance, such as you can adopt a baby kitten and make him to grow. When the cat is completely grown you can feed him, play with him and nurture him. You can dress him up according to your choice with broad range of hair colors along with various sorts of accessories. You can also play with your tom and watch his features and he becomes part of your life.

Playing methodologies:

  • Talk to the tom as he will repeat everything with his funny voice.
  • Pour tumbler milk for him.
  • Pet him in order to make him purr.
  • Clutch his tail.
  • Scratch the screen of the tom.
  • Make the tom to play the fart, cymbals and throw a piece of cake on the screen and let him to eat the Larry.
  • Record as well as share videos on facebook, YouTube or else send them by MMS or email.

Features of talking tom:

  • You can help talking tom to flutter his tiny paws and hence you can try for your excellent score through playing.
  • Tom can be sleepy, bored, hungry, and happy as the emotions change according to the playing sense of the users.
  • You can expand your creative sense by choosing thousand mishmashes of furniture, clothing and fun.
  • You can talk with the tom as it repeats everything you say. Moreover, you can stroke, poke and tickle him and watch how he gives response.

You can obtain rewards as you progress through and tom can grow into different stages and there are also more levels of unlocking

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