Published On: Wed, Nov 23rd, 2016

A Tale of the Modern Urbanite

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The young professionals of today’s world are always flocking to big cities. It’s a tale as old as cities themselves. A small-town kid with big dreams and aspirations uproots his life and moves to the urban jungle for a shot at the American dream. With him, he brings his dog, his bed, and his little beat up car. However, when he arrives he is faced with challenges he did not prepare himself for.

One such challenge is the cost of living. It can be majorly expensive to live in modern-day cities. Rent is higher, food costs more, and parking is a daily nightmare. Upon his move in day he discovers that his king size bed, which fit comfortably in his old room at his parents’ house, will need to be downsized to a queen size. His dog, which had a nice yard to run around in and use as his own personal bathroom, has been replaced with a dog park three blocks away that is always crowded and has that one mean dog that likes to bully all the other pups. As for his beat up little car, it has been beat up even more by the shortcomings of ambitious parallel parkers and the abundance of potholes that litter his street. How can he make his life easier? Well, for starters, make that king size bed a queen size bed. A small sacrifice to be made for a little more room in that studio apartment of his. What to do about the car? Sell it. The cost of gas, insurance, and repairs will start to stack up and he’ll soon find himself hating it. Luckily, getting around in cities involves shorter distances, so he can pick up some of these Groupon coupons for Uber and save tons on getting from point A to B. Last but not least, his best friend. With the money he earned from his job, the profits from selling the car, and savings from insurance and gas he was able to afford rent at a nice apartment with a private dog park so Fido doesn’t have to deal with those public park bullies anymore. Looks like that beat up car may have come in handy after all.

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