Published On: Wed, Dec 9th, 2015

The Most Downloaded Mobile Apps Ever

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Compiling a top list of something as complex as the mobile app market is a very difficult task. There are lots of variables to take into account – the number of downloads, the revenues generated, or the number of people paying for the apps themselves or the extra services they offer. Besides, there are so many categories – games, streaming apps, media players or communication services – that keeping a top list of the apps would be an almost impossible task.

Besides, some apps are not even present in the statistics. The Royal Vegas online casino Canada, for example, has myriads of mobile users that either download its native apps or use its browser interface to play its games. Due to restrictions imposed by the Play Store, the Royal Vegas app doesn’t even appear in it. And it’s a pity – unlike social games dealing in the same game type, it is a truly free alternative. Royal Vegas offers its players a way to play in “practice mode”, where it doesn’t charge for its services. Besides, even in practice mode, the Royal Vegas casino doesn’t show any ads, allowing the players to experience gameplay without any distraction.

According to WikiPedia, there are just a handful of apps that have reached the one billion downloads mark. It might not come as a surprise that the vast majority of these apps are either Google’s own, like Gmail, Google Maps or YouTube, or Facebook’s apps (it is the largest social network in history after all, with over 2 billion active users). The only non-Google / non-Facebook app that has ever hit the 1 billion mark is WhatsApp – but it, too, is owned by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

If we lower the bar to 100 million, the list grows considerably. WikiPedia currently lists only 75 apps – all of them free – that have reached this number of downloads, and the list is the most diverse. It features games like Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja Free, Temple Run and Candy Crush Saga, communications tools like Skype, Snapchat or Viber, streaming apps like Pandora, and a series of useful tools like flashlights, antivirus software and others.

When it comes to paid apps, the bar needs to go even lower – to the one million mark. In this category WikiPedia only lists 25 apps. The list is topped by Mojang’s insanely popular sandbox game Minecraft (the Pocket Edition, of course), but it also contains other games like Angry Birds Space, Cut the Rope, Asphalt 7: Heat or Plants vs. Zombies. Other paid apps to make it on the list include TuneIn Radio, TeslaCoil’s Nova Launcher, Runtastic’s Running PRO, MobiSystems’ OfficeSuite 8 Pro and LevelUp Studio’s Beautiful Widgets Pro.

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