Published On: Tue, May 3rd, 2022

Tips for fostering a better collaborative work ethic in your business

Unless you run a one-man-band, micro business, chances are high that you rely on your employees to work effectively as a team towards the same goals. However, while teamwork is an essential part of almost all companies, very often, bosses can find it tricky to instill a collaborative work ethic and find ways to help their staff work together. 

Simple tricks you could try today to improve your firm’s team working capabilities: Where once it could be quite difficult to encourage employees to work together, today it’s easier than ever to foster a team-working ethic in your company. Below are just a few ideas you could try today to start the ball rolling and make it easy for your team to work collaboratively:

Move your digital services to the cloud: If your company is anything like most modern firms, data will form the backbone of your day-to-day operations and will be a vital part of pretty much everything you do. Not so very long ago, the limitations of technology meant that your team needed to be housed under the same roof to share files and work together. However, with the advent of cloud computing technology, companies can now share their important data remotely – meaning your team could access documents from anywhere they can find an Internet connection (and given almost all of us now have a smartphone, this means more or less anywhere). Better yet, riding on the back of this cloud revolution, there is now a massive range of online collaborative project software that could see your team working and communicating together online in a virtual office space. For further information and to see how cloud tech could transform your firm, contact a professional cloud service provider company like

Set up an internal social network (or create private groups in existing apps): Few people would deny the power of social media for creating and nurturing connections and by setting up an internal social network – or, at very least, a group in existing platforms like WhatsApp or Facebook – you could leverage this power for the good of your firm. Just bear in mind that most people prefer to keep their work and social lives separate, so remind employees to set the access and privacy rights accordingly.

Ditch the phone and move to video conferencing: Video calls are a far more personal way of communicating and allow users to express the subtle non-verbal communication prompts that so often get lost via email, messaging, and even voice calls. If you want a sure-fire way to help build connections in your firm, try embracing video conferencing tech. It’s worth noting that many of the collaborative work apps mentioned above include video calling platforms as standard – and can even save the call for later reference should you find you missed something important.

Remember the old saying, lead by example: Employees naturally look above them for inspiration and guidance in the workplace, so if you can set a good example by collaborating with colleagues, they’ll be far more likely to get on board. Rather than emailing or calling, try engaging with your team over your in-house platforms – you could be amazed by the results.

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