Published On: Wed, Sep 21st, 2016

Turning your Android Phone into a Gaming Hub is Easier than Ever

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Mobile phones were once devices dedicated to voice communication at first, with the added benefit of sending and receiving short text messages being added later on. But times changed, and so did mobile phones: at first, they became replacements for “soap box” cameras (cheap digital cameras for home use), portable music players, and – with the advent of the iPhone – portable media centers capable of browsing the web, playing movies, and running increasingly complex games on the go. The role of the phone has changed over the decades, and so did its hardware: today, smartphones have just a few physical keys, but they have massive screens and hardware to match supercomputers from a few years ago. All this to make them even better for their apparent life purpose: to serve as a pocket-sized entertainment hub.

What games people play

Today’s Android phones have amazing hardware capabilities, often matching that of older gaming consoles. The infamous Galaxy Note 7, Samsung’s current flagship handset, has an octa-core CPU (4×2.3 GHz Mongoose & 4×1.6 GHz Cortex-A53), a Mali-T880 MP12 GPU (that matches an older GeForce desktop GPU when it comes to performance), 4GB of RAM, and 64GB of internal storage – enough to install tons of games. It’s a powerhouse, ready to run even the most demanding Android games. And so are many other smartphones available today.

Despite their superior specs, many smartphones are used today to run simple games: puzzles, reactors, word games, and their likes. When it comes to “serious” gaming, people still prefer consoles and PCs.

Cross-platform games

Thousands of players don’t even download and install their preferred games on their smartphones. First, because they are not available as native apps. Second, because they run just as great in a mobile browser window. The games available at the Euro Palace casino are built in HTML5, which makes them less hardware-hungry than most native apps. But it makes them cross-platform, too, meaning that you can play all your favorite Euro Palace games on older smartphones as well as the latest ones, no matter what version of Android or iOS they run. The Euro Palace is universally accessible from any OS, provided it has an HTML5-capable browser. It doesn’t even have a native app – why should it? The Euro Palace will offer its players the same gaming experience no matter the device – desktop or mobile – or operating system they use.

Playing on the go is easier than ever

Playing games on the go has become easier than ever. Some games sit silently on your phone, waiting for you to give them some attention – others will get you on your feet, chasing fantasy creatures outside of your home. You literally have hundreds of thousands of games to choose from, most of them supported by ads and in-app purchases, so you won’t even have to pay to play them. We live in an era of easily accessible mobile entertainment, where turning your Android phone into a portable entertainment hub is easier than ever.

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