Published On: Sat, Feb 25th, 2017

Two New Successful Launches Of HTC U Models In India

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After a successful venture in international markets with HTC U series, now, this same series is unveiling its smartphone values in India. There are practically two smartphones, which are marked and unveiled over here. And these two options are paced under the U Series. These are HTC U Play and HTC U Ultra. The sleek and amazing design of these phones is just marvelous, and the price is somewhat a bit costly. This U series from HTC comes in India in a massive rate of 59,990 bucks. This price has been set for the U Ultra model. And the smaller one, which is U Play, is available at a rate of 39,990 bucks.

More on the Ultra and Play models:

Before you plan to invest more money and plan to buy the HTC U Ultra model or the Play one, it is better to get hold of the features and other services available over here. This Ultra model comprises of 5.7 inches of display screen. On the other hand, the U Play series has a smaller screen size of 5.2 inch display.

The main highlight of both these models is that both of them comprises of the sense companion AI. It helps in learning the daily pattern of the user for providing some usage advices and recommendations. That what makes these two models best over here.

Other variations to work on:

Apart from the screen size and recommendation software, there are some other features, which you need to be aware of, right away. These phones are mostly associated with “always-on” microphones with low power consumption rate. This mechanism is in-built with the models and is designed to respond to almost every command.

On the other hand, the U Ultra comprises of secondary ticket display. It is located just above the major screen, and it is a window to the current Sense Companion. There is another major highlight associated with this phone. It has the significant capability to prioritize the current notifications, which are delivered to users. And this is done in a discreet manner, and without even lighting on the screen. It can even learn on the usage and time value, as well.

Other ventures to look into:

Both these models come handy with the biometric voice unlock service. It further has control mechanism, which will help the users to secure their phones in the most promising manner. It can even help the same to unlock the phone as well, without even touching the screen for pressing any code.

Go for it now:

The U line is all packed up with lovely mechanism and new features, which are definitely going to work a long way for you. These are associated with the HTC liquid design, which is primarily made out of aluminum and glass. This can easily help in boosting a symmetrical bending. And that helps in reflecting the light in different manner and viewed at proficient angles.

So, without wasting any of your time, try to get along with the best HTC U model, right away. Pre-set a budget and try to look for the products, within that set, as well.

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