Published On: Sat, Feb 11th, 2017

Using Kinetic Power Generating Mobile Case With Its Advanced Green Technology

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The more apps you have in your phone, the higher charge it will take. Therefore, it is mandatory for you to get your phone charged at every regular interval. Now, it is mandatory for you to get along with the best ways, which will prevent you from charging your phone, much longer. And you are always welcome to get along with the AMPware iPhone 6 and 6S case to help you with that. This is defined to be the world first and effective kinetic power generating mobile case, to be used these days.

This product is designed to produce maximum 1 amp of power, whenever you want it to, and anywhere. It is available in green rubberized ranger color.

Other features to deal with:

This product comprises of polycarbonate structure, along with rubber edges, which can always offer you with more comfort and strength. Moreover, it does not have any form of internet battery attacked to it, just as in other charging cases. Before you plan to buy this case, you need to be sure of one thing. This product comprises of a cover, used for covering only the back of your phone, and it will not cover the screen, as well.

Inspiration behind this item:

Nowadays, it is hard to rely on daily works without your phone. This is an excellent form of technology, but can only last till the power is. After that, the phone is nothing but a box of metallic junk. You can carry portable battery charger, but that will even run out of life, when the charge is lost. You might even get to take help of solar energy case covers, but it can only charge your phone when the condition is favorable.

But, with the help of kinetic charging phone, you can charge your phone, whenever you want to.It is the same mechanism, which is primarily available in wall charger. Users are likely to procure that extra power, whether they are in emergencies or traveling purposes.

Your on-board generator:

The case comprises of a build-in generator, which can be powered with the help of hand crank, which flips out from the cover. For operating this generator, you just need to flip the crank from the back, and pop in the rubber grip for better comfort. This crank is likely to work in multiple directions, and it will be supplied to case, when the green LED in the bottom lit up.

Now, the power output is solely dependent on the current rotation speed is can easily output 1000ma. This is more or less similar to that of the wall chargers.  For a proper speed for 1.5 minutes, it can easily increase the battery life by 1%.

Following green technology:

As only kinetic energy is used for charging the case, therefore; it can be stated to be used advanced green technology, for sure. You can easily take help of the effective neodymium magnet alternator, which has lower loss planetary gears. It is used for generating power with the help of zero emissions on a daily basis.

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