Published On: Thu, Aug 4th, 2016

Welcome to Google Adwords Express; A tool which will simplify advertising for your business.

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Concept of Google Adwords express

Google Adwords express was launched at the start of 2016. The main aim of the tool is to simplify advertising needs of all sorts of businesses.

It was taken hand to hand by the users as it was marketed as the easiest possible method of advertising your business and products on Google. Google Adwords express uses a simple platform for advertising, as the ads of the company can only be viewed by users who intend to use the service of that company.

Suppose a toy shop owner in Texas post his ad on the Google, his ad can only be viewed by the user who will search for toys or simply toys in Texas.

How is it different from Adwords?

Adwords by Google was based on pay per click and included the cumbersome work of finding keywords, creating bids, and later managing them. On the other hand Adwords express is simple and do not require all the above mentioned work by the advertiser instead all these activities are done Google itself.

The final product that Adwords express give to the advertiser is exclusive advertising solutions which are specially designed for local businesses.  After the launch of Adwords express as displayed by Google insights there has been a constant rise in the public interest towards the use of the tool.

Advantages of Adwords express

  1. Easy and simple to use: you will surprise to know that it takes four simple steps consuming under 15 minutes of your time to post your ad online. The process is quick because there is no activity required of making keywords and bids.
  2. Zeroing down on prospective customers: in this tool Google will direct your ads automatically to the prospective customers according to your geographical location. Google will use its own algorithm structure which is all set to save lot of time.
  3. No keyword analysis manually: Google will place ads automatically based on the selection of category and there is no need to analyze keywords and change bids from time to time.

Disadvantages of Adwords express:

  1. Not really easy: ignoring pay per click system is done only by making assumptions about the advertiser and its advertising campaign which is of major concern.

Under Adwords express budget is framed by Google and not the advertiser, which can different from the expectations of the advertiser.

  1. The issue of targeting: The main defect of Google Adwords express is that the search will be very broad.

There will be no specific geographical boundaries and keywords within which the ad will appear before the customer or the user.

  1. Problems with the automatic approach: automatic approach by Adwords express is vague and depends on assumptions. There is no proper allotment of keywords words which makes the search less goal oriented.

Is Adwords Express fruitful for your business?

One can make judgment about the Google Adwords express on the basis of its business and industry.  The main issue with the Google Adwords express is that it is extremely assumptive which can mislead the advertising campaign at times.

On the other hand the main advantage of the Adwords express is freedom from pay per click advertising strategy. For sure Google Adwords express is easy for advertisers, but it still has to work on its ways of procuring customer for the advertiser.

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